History of Ireland

History of Ireland Leaving Cert 2020 Resit Online Courses

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Breakdown of Online Video Content

Session 1: The RSR Project, The Exam Paper,  Exam Questions, Partition Essay Plan

Session 2: Sinn Fein 1912 – 1923 Essay Plan, Free State Building and Consolidation of Democracy 1922 – 1949 Essay Plan, Anglo Irish Relations 1922 – 1949 Essay Plan

Session 3: Free State Economy Part 1 (Presentation), Free State Economy Part 2 (Essay Plan), The Belfast Blitz

Session 4: Northern Ireland: The Welfare State, Northern Ireland Economy 1945 – 1993

Session 5: Northern Ireland: Civil Rights – The Troubles 1963 – 1969, Sunningdale/ Power Sharing Executive 1973-1974, Sample Answers


Students will receive notes on the following topics:

The History course prioritises essential key content and the most important personalities from course topics. The course topics reviewed during Easter will help the student become more prepared for the State Exams in June. Exam strategy that promotes time-management and awareness of the marking scheme will be addressed. Also, good essay writing technique will be explained with sample essays to demonstrate how higher grades can be achieved. A concise set of notes will be provided for each course and a glossary of key terms will supplement each Case Study.

Topics Covered:

(i) Movements for Reform, 1870-1914

(ii) Sovereignty and Partition, 1912-1949

(iii) Politics and Society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993

john kilroy history, religion, politics teacher at the academyAbout the Teacher: John has 25 years experience of teaching and management in secondary schools. He has been assistant examiner for the Leaving Certificate in both History and Classical studies, which gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He is also the publisher author of the Leaving Cert exam strategy articles in education supplements in the national express. 


7th September - 4th December
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