Hibernia Online Prep Course


The Dublin Academy of Education is running an online course aimed at those who will be doing the Irish language interview for the Professional Masters in Education in Hibernia College.
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Resources to prepare you for Hibernia interview

6 x 75 minute online classes taught by Ireland’s leading teachers
2 mock online oral exams with feedback on what area’s to improve on
Comprehensive study notes
8 Weeks Access to the videos

The online course focuses on the main topics of conversation that arise for the Hibernia interview:

The structure of the Hibernia interview
Where you live/Your Family
What’s your current profession
Holiday & Travel
Why you want to become a teacher
About your hobbies/lifestyle
Speaking about the future

Meet the Teacher of this Hibernia Prep Course

Séadhan de Poire - Irish Teacher

Séadhan de Poire is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus and marking scheme. His teaching style is focused on covering the curriculum in a concise way, so that students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions. Séadhan is a popular teacher due to his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject. He has worked with the state examinations commission correcting exam papers and last year was an Oral examiner for the leaving certificate. He has also taught in the Gaeltacht in Coláiste Ciarán and Coláise Ó Direáin.