5th Year

5th Year is an incredible opportunity to lay the groundwork necessary to cultivate a very successful Leaving Certificate. At the Academy, we gently ease our 5th Year students into the Leaving Cert cycle in a careful and considered way, helping them to adjust to the increased workload and resilience that the Leaving Cert requires.


Subject choices are a fundamental part of a great Leaving Cert strategy. At the Academy, we offer unrestricted subject choices across our 25 subjects on offer. Our 5th Years have the benefit of picking any combinations of subjects they wish. This can prove to be very advantageous for students as they can pick the exact subjects that match their strengths, for example, students can pick three sciences, three languages, or perhaps all three business subjects (Accounting, Business, and Economics). We allow students to try out as many subjects as they wish in 5th Year to ensure that they select a combination that puts them in their strongest possible position for maximising their performance in the Leaving Certificate.

Tracy Gannon Geography teacher at The Dublin Academy of Education

Finally, students who join The Academy in 5th Year will be in an advantageous position as they’ll have two years of contact time with our dream team of teachers. Our 5th Year students will also have completed over two-thirds of the Leaving Cert syllabus in most subjects before entering 6th Year, leaving them with ample time to revise in the lead-up to the State Examinations.

If you want to find out more about how our 5th Year programme at The Academy works then we recommend you register for our Open Evening, or feel free to call us on 01 – 442 4442.