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6th Year

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Our Irish Grinds will have you approaching the Leaving Cert exam with confidence. Our teachers teach the syllabus in a way that makes your study more efficient. For example, the Irish oral is worth 40% of your overall grade. We put an emphasis on this aspect, while also using vocabulary and grammar that can be used in other parts of your exam.
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How these Irish grinds will help you:

We will teach you strategies to allow you overlap material so that can be used in multiple parts of the exam making your study more efficient
We will help you build confidence for your Oral exam providing the option of attending 4 mock orals throughout the year
We will dissect past paper questions giving you examples of how to achieve top marks in the Irish exam

Meet your Irish Teachers

Séadhan de Poire

Séadhan is a popular teacher because he can stimulate students’ interest in the subject. He specialises in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus and marking scheme. His teaching style is focused on concisely covering the curriculum so that students have the tools to manage the likely exam questions successfully. 

Rob Quinlan

With a master’s degree in economics along with correcting the Leaving Cert at state level for the past 6 years, Rob instils passion, interest and competence in students to obtain results of which they are capable. A methodical approach in making the subject relevant to students by understanding the economic climate around them is merged with the tools to navigate through all possible questions as proficiently as possible in exams. Rob has also 5 years’ experience as an Irish oral examiner as well as teaching and tutoring in UCD and Irish summer courses.

Hear from our Students

"Really imressed with the quality of grinds and notes. Seadhan was very helpful and I have definitely improved in Irish as a result, thank you!"

- Attended Séadhan's Weekly Irish Grinds



Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €315.00 €315.00 €0.00
2nd Subject €221.00 €536.00 €94.00
3rd Subject €158.00 €694.00 €251.00
4th Subject €158.00 €852.00 €408.00
5th Subject €158.00 €1,010.00 €565.00
6th Subject €158.00 €1,168.00 €722.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for weekly grinds?

Start Date:
Classes commence week beginning Monday 5th September 2022.


Please note, classes will NOT be held on the following dates:


Mid-Term Breaks:
Monday 31st October- classes resume Monday 7th November 2022
Monday 13th February – classes resume Monday 20th February 2023

Christmas Holidays:
Monday 12th December 2022 – classes resume on Monday 9th January 2023

Easter Holidays:
Monday 3rd April - Sunday 16th April

Final Classes / Supervised Study:
Saturday 20th May 2023

Please note weekly grinds take place as normal on bank holidays

Can students ask questions in weekly grinds?

Yes. Regardless of whether students are attending weekly grinds on-site or via live-stream they will be free to ask our teachers questions.

How long are the weekly grinds?

Leaving Cert weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration. Junior Cert weekly grinds are 60 minutes in duration.

Can I get recordings of the weekly grinds?

We do not offer recordings of our on-site or live-stream weekly grinds. Students attending our weekly grinds will have the option of adding our On-demand grinds videos to their chosen subject for just €125 (normally €525). The On-demand grinds contain over 40 hours of high-quality videos shot from our school studio covering the entire Leaving Cert curriculum in each subject.

Can I change my choice of subject for my weekly grind during the year?

Yes, however, please note that an administration charge of €25 will apply if a student decides to change their choice of subject during the year.

How do I access my live-streamed weekly grinds?

You will access your live-streamed weekly grinds via our online learning management system, DASH (Dublin Academy School Hub). We will send you logins for this platform in advance of your live-streamed grind.

If I opt for live-streamed grinds, how do I get my study notes?

Your study notes will be posted to your house free of charge in advance of your live-streamed grinds commencing. Please note, study notes will take up to 3 working days to arrive from the time of booking.

Can I try out the weekly grinds for free before signing up?

Yes, all students can attend a free trial of our weekly grinds to ensure they are happy with the service.

More Course Information

What will be covered in these Leaving Cert Irish Grinds?


Paper 1


An Chluastuiscint

Séadhan will cover the Irish aural by focusing on the student’s attention on past examination topics and vocabulary. Students will be given a list of keywords from all the past exams. Students will also receive a list of topics that frequently appear in the exam. Séadhan will focus on past examination questions to boost confidence.


Aiste / Díospóireacht


During the course of the year, Séadhan will focus his attention on two areas of paper 1. The essay and the debate will both be prepared in the grinds. This will leave students with seven options on the paper 1 exam. Sample answers will be provided for each topic as well as study guides and tips. Grammar plays a huge role in the Paper 1 marking scheme, so this will be taught throughout each essay.

Some of the typical topics that are covered in class are listed below (not every essay will be required - Séadhan will instruct students as to where their attention and focus should be): 

An Ghaeilge
An Córas Oideachais
An Teicneolaíocht
An tAthrú Aeráide
Saol an Déagóra
An Córas Sláinte
Mná cáiliúla timpeall an domhain.
Scéalta móra nuachta
Fadhb mhór idirnáisiúnta.

Paper 2



Séadhan will focus on the four different questions on Paper 2. To begin with, exam techniques will be taught for the reading comprehensions. It is vital that students have the correct technique to succeed in this section of the exam. Past paper questions will be dissected in class to give accurate examples of how to achieve top marks.

Prós ( Oisín i dTír na nÓg / Dís / Cáca Milis / Hurlamaboc / Gnáthrud)

Séadhan will teach each piece of prose from scratch so that every student starts on the same level. During the class, the short story will be explained in a summary before turning the attention of the class to past examinations questions. Sample answers will be provided and explained so that students can master the marking structure of the exam. Finally, Séadhan will look ahead to this year's exam and focus on probable questions.

Filíocht (Géibheann / Colscaradh / Mo Ghrá-sa idir Lúibíní / An tEarrach thiar / An spailpín fánach)

Séadhan will teach each poem from scratch so that every student starts on the same level. During the class the short poem will be explained in detail before turning the attention of the class to past examination questions. Sample answers will be provided and explained so that students can master the marking structure of the exam.

An Litríocht bhreise (An Triail / A Thig ná thit orm)

This extra literacy question is mandatory on Paper 2, but students can choose between seven different studies. Séadhan will cover the two most popular options, An Triail & A Thig ná thit orm. Sample answers will be provided for previous exam questions, and the focus will then turn to future possible exams after Easter.




Na Briathra Coitianta
An Aimsir Chaite
An Aimsir Láithreach
An Aimsir Fháistineach
An Modh Coinníollach
Na Réamhfhocail
Séimhiú & Urú
An Tuiseal Ginideach
An t-ainmfhocal
An t-ainm briathartha
An Scrúdú Béil


The Irish oral will be the focus from Day 1 of the grinds. As a State Examiner, Séadhan is keenly aware of the demand this places on students. The oral class will focus on different areas students are expected to discuss. Students will also receive bespoke Sraith Pictiúr notes not available anywhere else. Students have the option to attend four mock Irish orals during the course of the year. Each student will be given a detailed feedback sheet to help them improve for their next exam.

Where can I attend these grinds?

You can experience our live and interactive weekly grinds by attending classes either:


On-site: We offer on-site classroom-based weekly grinds in our Stillorgan location.


Online via Live-stream: We also offer you the option of attending our weekly grinds via live-stream meaning you can participate from anywhere in Ireland.


Regardless of which option you select, you will be able to interact with our teachers and ask questions. These weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration and all classes are accompanied by our renowned Dublin Academy study notes. If you opt for Live-streamed weekly grinds, our study notes will be posted to your home free of charge.


The foundation of our Leaving Cert weekly grinds is ‘exam focus’. Our teachers strip away the unnecessary sections of each subject and focus solely on the core, examinable material, the aim of which is increasing your exam performance.

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