Maths (H)

Crash Courses

3rd Year

Stillorgan Plaza
In this 1-day Maths Crash Course we will blitz the course, covering off all of the key areas you need to know so you will be equipped to tackle the Maths exam with confidence.
Carl Brien
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Students at these Crash Courses will receive:

Time management blueprint for success in your exam to ensure you don't run out of time.

Four and a half hours of expert tuition with some of Ireland’s most dedicated and passionate teachers per subject.

Past and probable Junior Cycle questions that are likely to appear in this year’s State Examinations.

Expert notes to help you with your last minute revision before the Junior Cycle Examinations.


Our 1-Day Junior Cycle Crash Courses are designed to give students a final boost in confidence before the State Exams commence on the 7th of June.

Topics covered in this Maths Revision Course:

Sets, Patterns & Sequences
Functions and Graphs
Probability and Statistics
Area and Volume

Meet your Maths Teacher

Carl Brien

Having worked for the State Examination Commission, Carl brings his reputation as an authority on the Maths Syllabus to The Dublin Academy of Education. As a member of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association, he is a popular teacher amongst students due to his mastery of the Project Maths Syllabus, and is well-known for his ability to stimulate students’ interest in Maths.

When is this Maths Revision Course?

Subject Date Time Location
Maths Sun 4th June 9:30am - 2pm On-Site
Maths Sun 4th June 9:30am - 2pm Live-Stream

When is the Junior Cycle Maths exam?

The Junior Cycle Maths exam takes place on Friday the 9th of June at 1:30pm.

Students can attend Crash Courses in the following ways:

On-Site Courses: Students attend our courses in person at our school in Stillorgan. These courses include comprehensive study notes. 


Live-Stream Courses: Students can attend our courses online via live-stream. Our HD live-streaming technology allows students to attend our courses from the comfort of their own home. All study notes are posted to students free of charge.

Crash Course Fees


Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €129.00 €129.00 €0.00
2nd Subject €100.00 €229.00 €29.00
3rd Subject €70.00 €299.00 €88.00
4th Subject €50.00 €349.00 €167.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up to both On-Site and Live-Streamed Revision Crash Courses?

Yes, students can book any combination of our Stillorgan and Live-Streamed Revision Crash Courses. i.e. they can chose to attend some courses here at the school and others online.

What is the format of the Crash Courses?

Students attending our Crash Courses will attend a one-day revision course that takes place for four and a half hours. They will also receive our H1 study notes with their course.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, by attending our Live-Stream Crash Courses, you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You will also have hard copies of the notes posted to you so you don’t have to worry about printing them out.

If I attend the Live-Stream Crash Courses, how and when do I get my notes?

For live-stream students, our H1 notes will be posted to your home address free of charge. Please allow 3 working days to receive your notes.