Class Sizes

Our mission is to help our full-time students realise their full potential, both academically and personally. This is only achieved by developing an individual relationship with each and every one of our students. To ensure that this happens effectively, we are committed to maintaining an average class size of 28 students in 6th Year and 27 students in 5th Year.

David Lewis teaching at The Dublin Academy of Education
Gavin Cowzer teaching at The Dublin Academy of Education

Our small class sizes enable our teachers to know all our students by first name and to develop a strong rapport with them, which helps them cater to their individualised needs. In turn, the students call the teachers by their first names, which is in keeping with the close relationships built between teachers and students.

All our full-time school classes are fully interactive, promoting discussion with the teacher and amongst students themselves. Our teaching approach is centred around the needs of the student and providing them every possible opportunity to excel. Our classes are outcome-focused – placing the Leaving Certificate exam – at the heart of all we teach. This is after all the metric that student academic success is measured on. By limiting the numbers in both class sizes, and the school overall ensures that students are not just a face in the crowd, but rather they become an important contributor to our school culture which will help them develop their confidence for life after the Leaving Certificate.

Small Class Sizes at The Dublin Academy of Education