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4th Year

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This Transition Year course prepares you for the vast and challenging English Leaving Certificate syllabus. It will provide you with a head-start on all aspects of the English course in a clear and interesting way. You will be given the background and context necessary to make a really positive start to 5th Year.
JP Sweetman
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How these English Grinds will help you

We will show you how Leaving Cert English graded and how you can use the marking scheme to your advantage
We will show you how to answer questions to a Leaving Cert standard
We will focus on the mechanics of writing - grammar, spelling and sentence structure giving an analysis of common errors at Leaving Cert so you can avoid these mistakes

When are our English Grinds on?

Day Start Time End Time Location
Tuesdays 5:30pm 6:30pm On-Site
Tuesdays 5:30pm 6:30pm Live-Stream

Weekly Grinds Fees

Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €869 €869 -
2nd Subject €434 €1,303 €435
3rd Subject €434 €1,737 €870
4th Subject €434 €2,171 €1,305


Due Date
Payment 1
Payment 2
Payment 3
*Paying in instalments will increase overall price

Meet your English Teacher

JP Sweetman

JP Sweetman has 15 years experience teaching English at the highest level. He also works as an Examiner for the State Exams Commission (SEC) specialising in Leaving Certificate English. His continued work with the SEC means he can provide the most relevant notes and guidance to students on current exam trends, exam management, tips and preparation. JP has written and published work with The Educational Company of Ireland. His passion for English is evident through classes that are enjoyable and rewarding.

Hear from our English Students

“JP's grinds were super helpful, they have given me a really good base in English, I am a lot more confident going into 5th Year now, I couldn't receommed JP enough as a teacher!”

- Attended JP's English Grinds

More Info on our 4th Year English Grinds

The goal of this course is to provide the confidence and knowledge necessary for you to succeed when you begin Leaving Cert English.


Course Introduction

Expectations: The differences between Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert English.

Papers: An interesting analysis of Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Marking Scheme: How is Leaving Cert English graded?

Leaving Cert Answers: Tips and advice for upgrading your answers to Leaving Cert standard.

Mechanics: Focus on good writing – grammar, spelling and sentence structure. An analysis of common errors at Leaving Cert.


English Paper 1

The 5 Language Genres of Paper 1.

Writer’s Style: An introduction.

Comprehending I: Answering short comprehension questions.

Comprehending II: Completing short writing tasks.

Composing: Creative Writing – Detailed analysis of the most important question in Leaving Cert English.


English Paper 2


Comparative: A new question and concept explained.

Poetry: Unseen – Tips and ideas for answering the Unseen Poetry comprehensions.

Poetry: Studied – An introduction to the poetry course you will study for 5th and 6th Year. Tips and analysis for answering poetry questions.

Where can you attend these grinds?

You can experience our live and interactive weekly grinds by attending classes either:


On-site: We offer on-site classroom-based weekly grinds in our Stillorgan location.


Online via Live-stream: We also offer you the option of attending our weekly grinds via live-stream meaning you can participate from anywhere in Ireland.


Regardless of which option you select, you will be able to interact with our teachers and ask questions. These weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration and all classes are accompanied by our renowned Dublin Academy study notes. If you opt for Live-streamed weekly grinds, our study notes will be posted to your home free of charge.


The foundation of our Leaving Cert weekly grinds is ‘exam focus’. Our teachers strip away the unnecessary sections of each subject and focus solely on the core, examinable material, the aim of which is increasing your exam performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for weekly grinds?

Start Date:
Classes commence week beginning Monday 9th September 2024.


Please note, classes will NOT be held on the following dates:


Mid-Term Breaks:
Monday 28th October- classes resume Monday 4th November 2024
Monday 10th February – classes resume Monday 17th February 2025

Christmas Holidays:
Monday 9th December 2024 – classes resume on Monday 6th January 2025

Easter Holidays:
Monday 14th April - Sunday 27th April

Final Classes / Supervised Study:
Saturday 17th May 2025

Please note weekly grinds take place as normal on bank holidays

Can students ask questions in weekly grinds?

Yes. Regardless of whether students are attending weekly grinds on-site or via live-stream they will be free to ask our teachers questions.

How long are the weekly grinds?

Leaving Cert weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration. Junior Cert weekly grinds are 60 minutes in duration.

Can I get recordings of the weekly grinds?

We do not offer recordings of our on-site or live-stream weekly grinds. Students attending our weekly grinds will have the option of adding our On-demand grinds videos to their chosen subject for just €125 (normally €525). The On-demand grinds contain over 40 hours of high-quality videos shot from our school studio covering the entire Leaving Cert curriculum in each subject.

Can I change my choice of subject for my weekly grind during the year?

Yes, however, please note that an administration charge of €25 will apply if a student decides to change their choice of subject during the year.

How do I access my live-streamed weekly grinds?

You will access your live-streamed weekly grinds via our online learning management system, DASH (Dublin Academy School Hub). We will send you logins for this platform in advance of your live-streamed grind.

If I opt for live-streamed grinds, how do I get my study notes?

Your study notes will be posted to your house free of charge in advance of your live-streamed grinds commencing. Please note, study notes will take up to 3 working days to arrive from the time of booking.

Can I try out the weekly grinds for free before signing up?

Yes, all students can attend a free trial of our weekly grinds to ensure they are happy with the service.

Do Weekly Grinds take place on bank holiday Mondays?

Yes, weekly grinds take place as scheduled on bank holidays and public holidays throughout the year.