Leaving Cert Study Resources

Leaving Cert Study Resources

We have compiled a list of all our free leaving cert notes and study resources to help you with your exam preparation.

Leaving Cert Past Papers

The best place to start your study is to look at the previous Leaving Cert exams. This will help you to get familiar with the types of questions that the examiner can ask. This will also help to try and predict what questions are likely to be asked in the upcoming exam. We have all of the previous Leaving Cert Past Papers available to download on our Notes Zone page.

Leaving Cert Marking Schemes

Past Papers will make you familiar with the questions that can be asked in your exam. Marking Schemes will highlight what the examiner was looking for in order to get full marks in any given question. Marking Schemes should be an essential tool in your Leaving Cert study resources. You can access all of the previous Leaving Cert Marking Schemes on our Notes Zone page.

Leaving Cert Sample Answers

We recently announced our new app called Crazam. Crazam provides users with sample answers for Leaving Cert questions along with video tutorials with our team of leading teachers.

Crazam App Leaving Cert Study Resource


In our Academy Bites podcast series, we sat down with our teachers and asked them to give us their best study tips for the Leaving Cert. These bitesize podcast episodes are perfect to listen to on your commute to school or while you are studying.

Tracy Gannon Geography Teacher what you should know for the mock exam

Free Leaving Cert Notes

We have a large catalogue of free Leaving Cert notes on our Notes Zone page that you can download. You can filter our Dublin Academy Notes by subject to help you find exactly the set of notes you are looking for.

Free Leaving Cert notes as part of our Leaving Cert Study Resources

Leaving Cert Tutorials

Our YouTube page has over 500 videos with our teachers where they take a topic and break it down to help you understand it. We are constantly adding new video content here to help you with your Leaving Cert study. If you have any video requests, please just leave a comment under any of our Leaving Cert videos.

Leaving Cert Flash Cards

On our Instagram page, we post Leaving Cert Flash Cards every Friday. We condense our study notes down to shorter, more concise flash cards that you can revise before your Leaving Cert.

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