Our History

The journey of the Academy all started in September 2010. It was originally founded under the name ‘The Dublin School of Maths’, offering weekly Junior and Leaving Certificate Maths grinds. The founders knew that the success of the school would be built on the success of the Maths students who attended the classes. Through a focus on providing only the best tuition possible to ensure its students got great results, The Dublin School of Maths quickly grew in popularity.

In 2012, due to the success of its Maths grinds, it was decided to rename the school to ‘The Dublin School of Grinds’ and to expand the offering to 23 subjects across the Junior and Leaving Certificate curricula. As with the Maths tuition, there was an uncompromised approach to delivering the highest standard of teaching across all subjects. The school steadily built its reputation over a number of years to the point where weekly grinds numbers exceeded 3,000 students per week in 2016, making it the most trusted provider of part-time tuition in the country.

In September 2017, having spent the last seven years renting rooms from parish centres, hotels and primary schools, it was time to move to purpose-built, state-of-the-art premises in the heart of Stillorgan, Co.Dublin. This move really established The Dublin School of Grinds as a leading provider of tuition in the private education sector.

Building on the success of its part-time courses, and due to demand, in September 2018, the school opened its doors on a full-time basis for 5th Year, 6th Year and Repeat Leaving Certificate students. With this evolution to full-time tuition, the name of the school was also changed to ‘The Dublin Academy of Education’ to fully encompass what the provided for its students, which was no longer just grinds, but also, an education.

In September 2019, The Dublin Academy of Education opened a second location in Killester, North Dublin offering weekly grinds classes. It is also planned to open a full-time school in North Dublin in the coming years – stay tuned.


We are committed to providing the best possible Leaving Cert experience for our full-time students. We do this by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Great teaching
  2. A great teaching approach
  3. An environment that cultivates academic and personal growth

We believe that in every student there is the potential for increased achievement. Every student deserves to have the best teachers and teaching approach, as well as the best academic and personal development environment to unlock this potential.

The Academy is not just about helping our students get great grades and overcome the challenges of the Leaving Certificate. It is also to equip them with the confidence, mindset, and skills to overcome challenges throughout their lives, realising their true potential, and getting the most from life.