Leaving Cert Maths H

Summer Course

6th Year

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Our Maths Summer Academy Course will make sure that students are confident in the basics of the Maths syllabus which make up so much of the course material and form the basis of the more complex questions on the course. We will show you that with the right teaching, Higher Level Maths is not to be feared.
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Students at our Summer Academy Courses will receive:

H1 study notes in their chosen subjects. Our expert teachers create their own exam-focused notes that show you exactly what you need to know.

12 hours of expert tuition with some of Ireland’s most dedicated and passionate teachers per subject.

Past and probable exam questions that are likely to appear in this year’s State Examinations.

What you'll learn in this Maths Academy Summer Camp:

Co-ordinate Geometry of the Line
Co-ordinate Geometry of the Circle

Summer Academy Course Fees

Subject Price Total Savings
1 Subject €395 €395 -
2 Subjects €300 €695 €95

Meet your Maths Teacher

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin is an Applied Maths, Physics, and Maths teacher who completed a Science Education degree and Professional Masters of Education in Maynooth University. 

His teaching style focuses on building a rapport with his students, and helping them gain confidence through familiarisation with the curriculum and by using proven exam techniques. Kevin scaffolds his learning such that students can comprehend abstract questions, understand the logic behind them, and execute the appropriate tactics to achieve top marks. Clear instruction, higher-order questioning, and referencing past papers are at the core of his lessons.

Kevin is a member of the IAMTA (Irish Applied Maths Teacher’s Association) and frequently attends the latest CPD courses to leave no stone unturned. He aims to instil a passion for Applied Maths in his students and enjoys making cross-curricular links to his other subjects. Kevin has a wealth of experience teaching Leaving Certificate students and helping them attain excellent results.

Students can attend our Summer Academy Courses:

On-Site Courses: Students attend our Summer Academy Courses in person at our school in Stillorgan. These courses consist of 5x 3-hour classes over the course of one week which include comprehensive H1 study notes. 

Live-Stream Courses: Students can attend our Summer Academy Courses online via live-stream. Our HD live-streaming technology allows students to attend our courses from the comfort of their own home. All study notes are posted to students free of charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up to both On-Site and Live-Streamed Summer Academy Courses?

Yes, students can book a combination of our Stillorgan and Live-Streamed Summer Academy Courses. i.e. they can chose to attend some courses here at the school and others online.

What is the format of the Summer Academy Courses?

Students attending our Easter Revision Courses will attend class for 3 hours each day for five days (15 hours in total). They will also receive H1 study notes per course.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, by attending our Live-Stream Summer Academy Courses, you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You will also have hard copies of the notes posted to you so you don’t have to worry about printing them out.

If I attend the Live-Stream Summer Academy Courses, how and when do I get my notes?

For live-stream students, our H1 notes will be posted to your home address free of charge. Please allow 3 working days to receive your notes.