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Over 40+ hours of Leaving Cert Biology videos split by topic to help you maximise your grade. You will also receive our H1 Leaving Cert Biology notes covering the syllabus delivered to your home free of charge.
David Lewis
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Topics covered in these Biology grinds

Biology Online Grinds Session 1 - FoodBiology Online Grinds Session 1 - Food
Session 1: Course Introduction and Food
Biology Online Grinds Session 2 - The CellBiology Online Grinds Session 2 - The Cell
Session 2: Food and The Cell
Biology Online Grinds Session 3 - PhotosynthesisBiology Online Grinds Session 3 - Photosynthesis
Session 3: The Cell and Photosynthesis
Biology Online Grinds Session 4 - RespirationBiology Online Grinds Session 4 - Respiration
Session 4: Photosynthesis and Respiration
Biology Online Grinds Session 5 - RespirationBiology Online Grinds Session 5 - Respiration
Session 5: Respiration

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Meet your Biology Online Teacher

David Lewis

David’s ability to relate to students has resulted in him becoming a popular teacher at The Academy. With more than 7 years of experience teaching at the highest level, he is fascinated with innovating new ways of creating effective, personalised exam strategies that are extraordinarily useful and proven to achieve results. David is a member of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association and is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus. As an examination corrector in Biology and Maths, David is adept at understanding the mistakes for which students frequently lose marks. David has also authored a Junior Certificate Science textbook in 2020 “Less Stress more success”.

Hear from our Students

“Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your grinds. I attended online, I was failing Biology and got a H3 in the exam! They were a saviour!”


- Attended David's Biology Online Grinds

Topics covered in these On-Demand Biology grinds

Session 1: Course Introduction and Food

Session 2: Food and The Cell

Session 3: The Cell and Photosynthesis

Session 4: Photosynthesis and Respiration

Session 5: Respiration

Session 6: Enzymes

Session 7: Enzyme Experiments, Osmosis and Diffusion

Session 8: Overview and Cell Diversity

Session 9: Ecology

Session 10: Bacteria

Session 11: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses

Session 12: Viruses, Amoebia and Plant Structure

Session 13: Plant Reproduction

Session 14: Plant Reproducion and Plant Transport

Session 15: Plant Responses and Vegetative Propogation

Session 16: Cell Divsion

Session 17: DNA + RNA (DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis)

Session 18: DNA + RNA (DNA Profiling and Genetic Engineering)

Session 19: Exam Paper / Revision Class

Session 20: The Respiratory System and Blood

Session 21: Heart and Digestion

Session 22: Digestion and Nervous System

Session 23: The Endocrine System

Session 24: Lymphatic System + Human Reproduction

Session 25: Excretion and Homeostasis

Session 26: Homeostasis and Human Reproduction

Session 27: Recap Unit 3 and the Senses

Session 28: The Skeletal System and Recap Unit 2

Session 29: Course Recap, Human Defence System and Exam Paper

As many students view the Leaving Cert Biology course as very long and challenging, our videos and notes help you manage the information much better and make revising and conquering the course more achievable.  We will show you how to achieve a H1 standard through interpreting exam questions correctly and by identifying the keywords. We will demonstrate the importance of understanding how marking schemes can benefit you.

You will receive exam-focused Biology notes containing all past exam questions and solutions at the end of each topic. You will also get a booklet containing all experiment notes worth at least 15% and a booklet containing all definitions worth at least 20% of the Biology exam paper. These notes always help you gain confidence as they condense the syllabus by focusing on essential material to achieve that high grade.


Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €525 €525 €0.00
2nd Subject €400 €925 €125.00
3rd Subject €400 €1,325 €250.00
4th Subject €300 €1,625 €475.00
5th Subject €300 €1,925 €700.00
6th Subject €300 €2,225 €925.00

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up to the On-Demand Grinds programme, will I be able to rewatch the video lessons at a later date?

Yes access to all your video lessons will be available right up until the State Examinations in 2024 are over.

Will the 40+ hours of video lessons be available to watch from the start of the year?

Yes, students will have access to their subject's video library which they can watch at their own pace.

Is there a cut-off point to signing up for the On-Demand Grinds programme?

No, you can join our On-Demand Grinds at any point and receive immediate access to the catalogue of video content.

How and when do I get my notes?

Please allow at least 3-4 working days to receive your notes. There may be a scenario where you are granted access to our On-Demand Grinds programme prior to the study notes arriving but we advise students to wait until they have the notes before commencing watching the video lessons.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons from the comfort of your own home as they are online. You will also have hard copies of the notes so you don't have to worry about printing them.

Can notes be delivered anywhere in the country?

Yes, notes can be delivered to anywhere in Ireland.

How will I access the On-Demand Grinds programme?

Our On-Demand Grinds programme will be hosted on our DASH platform. We will email you with your login details and password for this platform.

Can I view the videos more than once?

Yes, you can pause, rewind and rewatch all of the videos.