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6th Year

Over 40+ hours of Leaving Cert Maths videos split by topic to help you maximise your grade. You will also receive our H1 study notes covering the syllabus delivered to your home free of charge.
Rob Browne
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Topics covered in these Maths Online Grinds

Session 1: Statistics 1
Session 2: Statistics 2
Session 3: Statistics 3
Session 4: Statistics 4
Session 5: Probability 1

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Meet your Online Maths Teacher

Robert Browne

Robert Browne has a unique ability to stimulate students’ interest and is renowned for giving students confidence they thought wasn’t there. He is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught at education workshops in Trinity College, Dublin. His experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He has appeared in the media leading discussions on Maths, syllabus content, teaching methods and exams. Robert teaches in a systematic and clear way that relates to students.

Hear from our Maths Students

“Rob was an outstanding teacher- his notes were incredible and I always understood everything that he said and he taught it in such an exam-focused approach. I also felt like he never rushed through anything. Rob doesn’t need any teaching improvements- he is the best Maths teacher I have ever had.”



- Attended Rob's Maths Grinds

Topics covered in these On-Demand Maths Grinds

Session 1: Statistics 1

Session 2: Statistics 2

Session 3: Statistics 3

Session 4: Statistics 4

Session 5: Probability 1

Session 6: Probability 2

Session 7: Trigonometry 1

Session 8: Trigonometry 2

Session 9: Trigonometry 3

Session 10: Sequences & Series 1

Session 11: Sequences & Series 2

Session 12: Financial Maths 1

Session 13: Financial Maths 2

Session 14: Algebra 1

Session 15: Algebra 2

Session 16: Indices & Logarithms

Session 17: Complex Numbers 1

Session 18: Complex Numbers 2

Session 19: The Circle 1

Session 20: The Circle 2

Session 21: The Line

Session 22: Centres of a Triangle & Geometry

Session 23: Induction

Session 24: Functions

Session 25: Differential Calculus 1

Session 26: Differential Calculus 2

Session 27: Differential Calculus 3

Session 28: Integration 1

Session 29: Integration 2

These Leaving Cert Maths On-Demand Grinds cover the entirety of Maths Paper 1 and Maths Paper 2. Our online maths grinds are designed to focus on the material most likely to appear on the Leaving Cert. Our teacher shows you the type of question that you should be able to answer and how to maximise your score in answering these questions.


Our On-Demand Grinds students will work from specially designed, Leaving Cert Maths exam–focussed notes and sample questions, with fully worked solutions accompanying their video lessons. 


Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €525 €525 €0.00
2nd Subject €400 €925 €125.00
3rd Subject €400 €1,325 €250.00
4th Subject €300 €1,625 €475.00
5th Subject €300 €1,925 €700.00
6th Subject €300 €2,225 €925.00

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up to the On-Demand Grinds programme, will I be able to rewatch the video lessons at a later date?

Yes access to all your video lessons will be available right up until the State Examinations in 2024 are over.

Will the 40+ hours of video lessons be available to watch from the start of the year?

Yes, students will have access to their subject's video library which they can watch at their own pace.

Is there a cut-off point to signing up for the On-Demand Grinds programme?

No, you can join our On-Demand Grinds at any point and receive immediate access to the catalogue of video content.

How and when do I get my notes?

Please allow at least 3-4 working days to receive your notes. There may be a scenario where you are granted access to our On-Demand Grinds programme prior to the study notes arriving but we advise students to wait until they have the notes before commencing watching the video lessons.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons from the comfort of your own home as they are online. You will also have hard copies of the notes so you don't have to worry about printing them.

Can notes be delivered anywhere in the country?

Yes, notes can be delivered to anywhere in Ireland.

How will I access the On-Demand Grinds programme?

Our On-Demand Grinds programme will be hosted on our DASH platform. We will email you with your login details and password for this platform.

Can I view the videos more than once?

Yes, you can pause, rewind and rewatch all of the videos.