Hear from our past and present students on their experiences at the Dublin Academy of Education

Alana, 625 points

“I definitely really liked the teachers. They were all so supportive and friendly. I think people would probably think the Academy is getting like the 600 points, but really it's about doing as well as you're capable of and every teacher is there to support you to get you as far as you want to be.”

Kate, 613 points

“The teachers really want to see you succeed. It's just clear that they love what they do, and I think that really shows when they're teaching, they really know their subjects inside and out. It was just fantastic to have teachers who were experts, not just in their subject, but also in the exam and the exam structure. And the notes were just so straightforward.”

Michael, 613 points

“The teachers here are so understanding, and I was shocked by their depth of knowledge, and eagerness to help us succeed”