Easter Revision Courses

3rd Year

Our Irish Easter Revision Course is designed to get you up to speed with what you need to know for June, in just five days.
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Students at our Easter Revision Courses will receive:

Recordings of classes that students can pause, rewind and rewatch after the courses have taken place.

-  On average, 300 pages of our H1 study notes per subject.

Over six hours of expert tuition with some of Ireland’s most dedicated and passionate teachers per subject.

Past and probable exam questions that are likely to appear in this year’s State Examinations.


Our Easter Revision Courses run over two weeks, week one takes place Monday 25th March – Friday 29th March, week two takes place Tuesday 2nd April - Saturday 6th April. Our Easter Revision Courses can be attended On-Site in Stillorgan or Online via Live-Stream.

Topics covered in this Irish Easter Revision Course:

Grammar: Past, Present & Future Tenses
Poetry: Dán do Lara + Stadeolaíocht (Week 1) / Jeaic ar scoil (Week 2)
Prose: Spás (Week 1) / Katfish (Week 2)
Novel: Cúpla (Week 1) / Daideo (Week 2)
Creative Writing: Technology, Sport & Education (Week 1) / Food, Music, Sport & Education (Week 2)
Drama: Gleann Álainn
Reading Comprehension

When can you attend this Irish Easter Revision Course?

Week Start Time End Time Location
Mon 25th March - Fri 29th March 12:30pm 1:30pm On-Site
Mon 25th March - Fri 29th March 12:30pm 1:30pm Live-Stream
Tues 2nd April - Sat 6th April 12:15pm 1:15pm On-Site
Tues 2nd April - Sat 6th April 12:15pm 1:15pm Live-Streeam


Easter Revision Course Fees - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


Subject Price Total
1st Subject €269 €269
2nd Subject FREE €269
3rd Subject €120 €389
4th Subject €100 €489
5th Subject €80 €569
6th Subject €80 €649

Meet your Irish Teachers

Séadhan de Poire

Séadhan specialises in providing his Irish students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the language and its marking scheme. His style of teaching is focused on covering the curriculum in a concise way, so all his students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions.

He is a popular teacher due to his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject. Séadhan has worked with the state examinations commission correcting exam papers and has experience as an Oral Examiner for the Leaving Certificate. He has also taught in the Gaeltacht in Coláiste Ciarán and Coláise Ó Direáin. Séadhan has also authored a Junior Certificate Irish textbook in 2020 “Less Stress more success”.

Rachel Mahon

Rachel Mahon is an Irish and Spanish teacher. She obtained a degree her subjects in UCD before completing her Masters of Education through the medium of Irish in NUIG, where she graduated with a first class honours. She has extensive experience teaching Leaving Cert students and as an examiner with the State Examination Commission. She is very passionate about both languages, having spent many summers working in Irish colleges in the Gaeltacht, most recently as principal. She spent time in Seville during her undergrad and has done various Spanish courses with the Instituto de Cervantes in Dublin and Madrid. Her approach aims to instil a love of languages in students and a deep understanding of how the language works. Her teaching is highly exam focused in order to ensure students obtain the highest mark possible.

Students can attend our Easter Revision Courses:

On-Site Courses: Students attend our Easter Revision Courses in person at our school in Stillorgan. These courses consist of 5x 60-minute classes over the course of one week which include comprehensive H1 study notes. Students will also receive recordings of their class that they can pause, rewind and rewatch up until the State Exams are over. 

Live-Stream Courses: Students can attend our Easter Revision Courses online via live-stream. Our HD live-streaming technology allows students to attend our courses from the comfort of their own home. All study notes are posted to students free of charge. Students will also receive recordings of their class that they can pause, rewind and rewatch up until the State Exams are over. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up to both On-Site and Live-Streamed Easter Revision Courses?

Yes, students can book any combination of our Stillorgan and Live-Streamed Easter Revision Courses. i.e. they can chose to attend some courses here at the school and others online.

What is the format of the Easter Revision Courses?

Students attending our Easter Revision Courses will attend a 75-minute class each day for five days (over 6 hours in total). They will also receive an average of 300+ pages of our H1 study notes per course. Students will also be sent recordings of their classes that they can pause, rewind and rewatch after the course.

If I attend On-Site Courses will I still receive recordings?

Yes, all students will receive recordings of their classes whether they attend On-Site or Online.

How will I access the recordings of my Easter Revision Courses?

Our Easter Revision Courses will be hosted on our Dublin Academy Study Hub learning platform. We will email you with your login details and passwords for this platform.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, by attending our Live-Stream Easter Courses, you can attend from the comfort of your own home. You will also have hard copies of the notes posted to you so you don’t have to worry about printing them out.

When will I receive the recordings of my classes?

Students will be sent recordings of their classes the week after their course is finished.

If I attend the Live-Stream Easter Revision Courses, how and when do I get my notes?

For live-stream students, our H1 notes will be posted to your home address free of charge. Please allow 3 working days to receive your notes.

Can you only view the recordings once? How long will I have access to the online courses?

No, you can pause, rewind and rewatch all of the videos.

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