Attendance and Assessment Policy


At The Dublin Academy of Education, we emphasise the importance of attendance and engagement with assessment as predictors of academic and exam success.

Students who enrol at The Dublin Academy of Education are expected to present themselves in person for classes, whenever possible. Online attendance, while valuable, is not a suitable long-term substitute for physical attendance in class, where students can avail of the social and academic benefits of being present in an interactive and focused learning environment. Similarly, consistent engagement with our Assessment Schedule by attempting all assessments conducted under exam conditions is a crucial part of the preparation for exams.

Outlined in this policy are the minimum expectations regarding attendance and engagement with assessment at The Dublin Academy of Education. Failure to meet the criteria set out below will require a meeting with the Principal to discuss the student’s continued attendance at The Dublin Academy of Education.


Classes generally begin at 9:00am each day and end at 4:30pm. Some classes are scheduled outside these times. There is a 45-minute lunch break from 12:45pm to 1:30pm. Students are free to leave the school during this time but must be present on the campus no later than 1:25pm. All students must remain on campus for the duration of the school day, attending class or working independently in supervised study, unless officially authorised by the school.

Students must attend all classes and supervised study periods as listed on their timetables. Students’ attendance is monitored daily for their safety and wellbeing. Attendance rolls are taken in class and parents will be notified if their son or daughter is absent.

Students who have a pre-arranged appointment must inform the school in advance by calling the office on 01-4424442 or emailing us on [email protected].

Class time is central to learning and as such may not be disrupted under any circumstances. Students who arrive late to school must report to Reception and may be re-directed to the study hall for the class period.

It is expected that all students will attend class in person wherever possible. If physical attendance in class is not possible, the school must be provided with a full explanation and an expected timeframe for return. Due to the faster pace of learning at The Dublin Academy of Education, students who miss classes will miss out on valuable instruction and will quickly find themselves falling behind. Therefore, a student who records persistent absences without satisfactory explanation will be referred to the Principal to determine what further action may be necessary. Persistent, unexplained absences will be taken very seriously and may jeopardise a student’s place at the school.

The health and wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance to us and should a student feel unwell, he/she must inform the teacher when in class, or go directly to reception.  The school will make every effort to contact parents/guardians at this stage, or failing that, the school will seek medical attention as appropriate and in accordance with our Health and Safety Policy.

There are times when students are permitted to leave the school on designated school trips, excursions, field trips and other occasions, including lunchtime, when students may wish to avail of the local services.  Written parental permission is required for all designated official off-site school trips.  


Students should wear their lanyard at all times while on the school premises. Lanyards can be used to enter and exit the school during periods which are not designated breaktimes. Students will also be required to display their lanyard in study hall.

In the event where a student loses their lanyard, they can order a replacement at Reception. Lanyards are for the student’s own use, and students should not use their lanyard to allow any other student, or any unauthorised person to enter the school. Any attempt to do so may be met with sanctions, as appropriate.


Students are permitted to leave the school campus expressly and only for class periods which have been agreed in advance and authorised in writing by their parent(s)/guardian(s) and the school Principal. Students who abuse this specific permission, or who fail to return in time for class, will be subject to disciplinary procedures. The relevant Study Pass form can be obtained at Reception.

Students are reminded that the The Dublin Academy of Education’s Code of Conduct applies at all times on the school campus and while engaging in school-based activities.


Students are expected to co-operate fully with teachers and staff in all school activities, including classroom-based activities, assignments, practical work, field trips and all associated subject components.

Assignments, tests and mock examinations will be given by each teacher individually.

Continuous assessment takes place in all subjects. Please consult the website for information on the scheduling and format of assessments.


Frequent assessment and feedback is a crucial part of the learning process and the school has developed an assessment schedule which aims to prepare our students for the rigours of the State Exams. These assessments are generally conducted in class under timed exam conditions, and supervised by a class teacher.

Students at The Dublin Academy of Education are expected to engage fully with this assessment schedule and attempt all assessments. Failure to do so may be indicative of a lack of interest in academic progress, and will be taken very seriously by the school. Persistent failure to attempt assessments will require a meeting with the Principal and may jeopardise a student’s place at the school.