The Dublin Academy of Education is a highly academic environment with a strong focus on student-led learning. As such, successful applicants to the school must meet certain minimum entry criteria based on past academic performance. Similarly, successful applicants must demonstrate a mature approach to their studies and a high degree of self-discipline and appropriate habits of behaviour.

Minimum Entry Criteria:

  • Students are required to have successfully completed the Junior Cycle programme and have obtained a minimum of 5 Merits at Higher/Common Level

  • Students must have obtained a minimum of a Merit in Higher Level English at Junior Cycle.

  • Students must take no more than one of the remaining core subjects (Irish/Maths) at Ordinary Level for Junior Cycle.

  • International students are required to have obtained a minimum of 5 honours in the international equivalent of the Junior Cycle State Examinations (subject to confirmation of appropriate standards and criteria of assessment)

  • International students may be required to sit an English exam set by the school when applying for a place.

  • Students must be 16 years of age by 1st September of the year they are entering into 5th Year and 17 years of age by 1st September of the year they are entering into 6th Year

  • Students must be no more than 20 years of age on 1st September of the year they have applied to join The Academy. The Dublin Academy of Education reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who, in their opinion, would not benefit from the educational provisions of the school. It also reserves the right to decide upon special cases, which may arise from time to time. In making decisions about the admission of applicants, The Dublin Academy of Education will have regard to a number of parameters including class size, staffing provisions, requirements concerning reasonable accommodations, and the health and welfare of students.

Strictly without prejudice to our reservation of the right to refuse admission to any student, The Dublin Academy of Education is willing to consider an appeal in the interests of fairness or natural justice. Any such appeal will be conducted entirely independently.

This Admissions Policy should be read in conjunction with The Dublin Academy of Education Code of Conduct and other relevant policies of the school.