6th Year

Our full-time 6th Year Leaving Cert Programme will allow students to complete the entire Leaving Certificate syllabus in just one year. All project coursework and relevant assignments are also covered in our one-year programme. This means that students can join our full-time Leaving Cert School directly after finishing 5th Year in their current school. Completing the full Leaving Cert syllabus in one year allows our students to go back over content in their subjects that they may have missed, or did not understand when it was previously taught. It also means that they can decide to take up a new subject when joining our full-time school.


In order to ensure our full-time students are preparing for their Leaving Certificate throughout the year, our teachers typically provide an exam for our students at the end of every month. Our teachers endeavour to have a clear picture of how each student is performing academically throughout the year, and this is achieved through our robust assessment system.

Gavin Cowzer teaching 6th Year English at The Dublin Academy of Education

At the Academy, we offer unrestricted subject choices across our 25 subjects. This can prove to be very advantageous for students as they can pick the exact subjects that match their strengths, for example, students can pick three sciences, three languages or perhaps all three business subjects (Accounting, Business, and Economics). Taking up a new subject that a student’s previous school may not have offered can be a great strategy for increasing performance in the Leaving Certificate.