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6th Year

Our Physics grinds will dispel the myth that you need a high standard of Maths to succeed in Leaving Cert Physics. We'll cover all areas of the Physics course in a clear and concise way, with a focus on applying this knowledge effectively in an exam setting.
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How these Physics Grinds will help you:

We will cover the whole course with you in a clear and concise way ensuring you have no gaps in your knowledge
Past State Exam questions will be dissected in grinds to demonstrate how to answer to a H1 standard
The Physics study notes you'll receive will contain 100s of past exam question with fully worked solutions

When can you attend our Physics Grinds?

Day Start Time End Time Location
Mondays 6:30pm 7:45pm On-Site
Mondays 6:30pm 7:45pm Live-Stream
Tuesdays 7:00pm 8:15pm On-Site
Tuesdays 7:00pm 8:15pm Live-Stream

Weekly Grinds Fees


Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €335 €335 €0.00
2nd Subject €234 €569 €101
3rd Subject €170 €739 €266
4th Subject €170 €909 €431
5th Subject €170 €1,079 €596
6th Subject €170 €1,249 €761
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Meet your Physics Teacher

Stephen Grimes

Stephen Grimes holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education & Master of Education. He has over a decade of experience teaching Physics and Mathematics at the highest level, both with the Irish syllabus and the Cambridge A-Level syllabus while teaching abroad in Kuwait and Kenya. His vast experience of different curricula has given him the unique opportunity to have key insight into preparing students for a wide variety of questions that they may be challenged on. Stephen’s passion and teaching style instills confidence in his students while providing them with a deep and clear understanding of the syllabus.Kieran Mills has 25 years’ experience teaching Physics. He has co-written several books including Leaving Certificate Physics Sample Papers. Kieran has been an expert contributor on Physics on RTÉ Radio.

Hear from our Physics Students

"The courses were everything I needed and more. I often find it difficult to motivate myself to keep on top of work, and with many courses, I've previously attended, the general atmosphere and teaching style did nothing to help this. At The Academy I found all the teachers engaging and the students were all incredibly friendly when I'd attended in person :)) I'd often find myself genuinely looking forward to the classes"

- Attended our Physics Grinds

More Information on our Physics Grinds

You do not need to have a high standard of Maths to succeed in Leaving Cert Physics. You need to be competent at manipulating formulae and using your calculator. As the course is quite long, you need to be very well prepared. You need to know definitions, demonstration of experiments, proofs and real-life Physics applications. Our notes organise the physics course so all you need to do is carry out the work as set out in the notes.


Recently exam papers have tended to have questions with mixed topics meaning omitting parts of the course is risky. For example, last year’s paper included a question on nuclear physics where students had to carry out a heat calculation. With this in mind, it is essential that you try to cover most of the course. Leaving out major topics like Electricity is not an option.


Section A is an experimental section. Stephen provides students with a workbook allowing students to carry out a write-up of all the experiments.


All leaving cert questions relevant to a topic appear at the end of each set of notes. Full solutions to all questions in the notes are provided.


Stephen puts special emphasis on Modern Physics (Electron and Nucleus) and the Particle Physics option. There can be a great return in studying these topics as they often yield 50% of the Section B questions.

Where can you attend these grinds?

You can experience our live and interactive weekly grinds by attending classes either:


On-site: We offer on-site classroom-based weekly grinds in our Stillorgan location.


Online via Live-stream: We also offer you the option of attending our weekly grinds via live-stream meaning you can participate from anywhere in Ireland.


Regardless of which option you select, you will be able to interact with our teachers and ask questions. These weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration and all classes are accompanied by our renowned Dublin Academy study notes. If you opt for Live-streamed weekly grinds, our study notes will be posted to your home free of charge.


The foundation of our Leaving Cert weekly grinds is ‘exam focus’. Our teachers strip away the unnecessary sections of each subject and focus solely on the core, examinable material, the aim of which is increasing your exam performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for weekly grinds?

Start Date:
Classes commence week beginning Monday 4th September 2023.


Please note, classes will NOT be held on the following dates:


Mid-Term Breaks:
Monday 30th October- classes resume Monday 6th November 2023
Monday 12th February – classes resume Monday 19th February 2024

Christmas Holidays:
Monday 11th December 2023 – classes resume on Monday 8th January 2024

Easter Holidays:
Monday 25th March - Sunday 7th April

Final Classes / Supervised Study:
Saturday 18th May 2024

Please note weekly grinds take place as normal on bank holidays

Can students ask questions in weekly grinds?

Yes. Regardless of whether students are attending weekly grinds on-site or via live-stream they will be free to ask our teachers questions.

How long are the weekly grinds?

Leaving Cert weekly grinds are 75 minutes in duration. Junior Cert weekly grinds are 60 minutes in duration.

Can I get recordings of the weekly grinds?

We do not offer recordings of our on-site or live-stream weekly grinds. Students attending our weekly grinds will have the option of adding our On-demand grinds videos to their chosen subject for just €125 (normally €525). The On-demand grinds contain over 40 hours of high-quality videos shot from our school studio covering the entire Leaving Cert curriculum in each subject.

Can I change my choice of subject for my weekly grind during the year?

Yes, however, please note that an administration charge of €25 will apply if a student decides to change their choice of subject during the year.

How do I access my live-streamed weekly grinds?

You will access your live-streamed weekly grinds via our online learning management system, DASH (Dublin Academy School Hub). We will send you logins for this platform in advance of your live-streamed grind.

If I opt for live-streamed grinds, how do I get my study notes?

Your study notes will be posted to your house free of charge in advance of your live-streamed grinds commencing. Please note, study notes will take up to 3 working days to arrive from the time of booking.

Can I try out the weekly grinds for free before signing up?

Yes, all students can attend a free trial of our weekly grinds to ensure they are happy with the service.

Do Weekly Grinds take place on bank holiday Mondays?

Yes, weekly grinds take place as scheduled on bank holidays and public holidays throughout the year.

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