HPAT Exam Study Talk


                      HPAT EXAM STUDY TALK 


For those 5th and 6th year students who are interested in pursuing medicine in

the furture, the HPAT exam is one of the most challanging yet vitally important

obstacles in their path.


Here at The Dublin Academy Of Education, we want to help our students who

are currently studying or exploring the possiblility of studying the

HPAT exam the best we can.


On Janurary 11th we had one of our former students, Niamh Fitter, come into

the school to discuss her own experiences with the HPAT. 


Niamh was able to explain to our current students what, in her experience, was

the most ideal approach to take when studying the HPAT and prehaps even

more crucially, what mistakes to avoid in the process. 


Many thanks to Niamh for giving up her time to come in and talk to our students.