Now that the academic year and summer exams are over, it is time for relaxation and time to recharge the batteries for tackling 6th Year next year. It is also a great opportunity to get ahead for next year by adopting a few simple steps. At the Academy we have asked our team of teachers to make suggestions for soon-to-be 6th Year students on how they can best prepare themselves for 6th Year. Please find below advice from our teachers as to what you might take on over the summer in support of the work that you have done this year. If you can avoid excessive months idleness you will arrive back to school, in the first week of September, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Do not feel compelled to complete all of the reading suggested. Remember that your strong subjects deserve your attention as well. Perhaps they will be central to your third level choices and beyond. Nurture your strengths. 

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