Christmas Shoebox Appeal

We are delighted that our students have decided to support Team Hope again this year with their Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Every year, the Christmas Shoebox Appeal sends thousands of gift-filled shoeboxes to children in Africa and Eastern Europe.

The children who receive these shoeboxes are affected by poverty in different ways. Many come from families with very little income, others live on the margins of society or in areas affected by conflict. Shoeboxes are given based on need alone and bring joy and excitement to children living in often very difficult situations.

Ciara and Ellen, two of our 6th Year students explain everything you need to know about this worthy cause and how to get involved, in detail in the video below:

Well done to our 6th Year students for driving this fantastic initiative this year! We are also delighted to help support this worthy cause by covering the administration fee for every shoebox which we receive.

Please note the deadline for bringing in shoeboxes to the school (or your local drop-off point) is next Friday 15th November. 

For more information on this initiative please visit:

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