School Closures Message

Dear Parents and Students,  

We are writing to you following yesterday’s announcement of school closures. We will of course act in accordance with this instruction and close The Academy. 

As such Grinds due to take place this evening the 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th are postponed and will be made up at a later date.   

To avoid undue worry for students, we have been working on a contingency plan to continue to deliver the high-quality instruction provided by our teachers via our online platforms.

The Grinds scheduled for the weeks commencing 16th and 23rd of March will now move to our online platforms.  At The Academy, we have been exploring the possibilities of online classroom instruction for some time. We have attached an example below of the type of tuition you can expect to receive, in addition to comprehensive study notes.  We will revert as soon as possible with further guidance as to how we will deliver our online grinds classes. 

Best Regards,

The Academy Team
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