Spanish 6th Year On-Demand Grinds

What will be covered in this Spanish Online Grind programme?

These Leaving Cert Spanish Online Grinds focus on scrutinising and analysing the Spanish exam and marking scheme to your advantage. Firstly, they focus on building an awareness of what the examiner wants and then on providing the confidence to be able to supply it. You will learn what your Leaving Cert Spanish examiner is looking for. The following topics are covered in the Online Spanish Grinds:

  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehensions (exam techniques & content)
  • Oral Exam Preparation topic by topic & Role-plays
  • Opinion Piece (structure, plans, vocabulary & sample essays)
  • Dialogue Construction (repetitive structures, vocabulary & tenses)
  • Diary Entry & Notes
  • Aural Comprehension (exam technique & vocabulary)

Katie will dedicate significant time in preparing for the Leaving Cert Spanish Oral Examination. Oral exam preparation starts at the beginning of the academic year as it is worth 25% of the overall grade.

View a sample of our Online Spanish Grinds:


Katie Lenehan Spanish and French teacher The Dublin Academy of Education 'mslenslanguages'Meet your Spanish Teacher – Katie Lenehan: Katie Lenehan holds a degree in French and Spanish, and a Professional Masters in Education. Katie’s training as a teacher was based on the most up to date education models and methodologies. Her knowledge of languages and linguistics, as well as teaching in some of the most prestigious schools in Dublin, will ensure that students obtain the best possible grades in their exams.



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