Irish 6th Year On-Demand Grinds

What will be covered in this Irish Online Grinds programme?

Our Leaving Cert Irish teachers will cover the entire course in detail throughout the year. As the Irish Oral Exam is worth 40% of the marks available, significant time is dedicated to preparing for this section.

Students will also get notes on the composition, focusing on the most likely Leaving Cert Irish essay titles for June 2021.  A lot of time is dedicated to topics that overlap in both the Oral exam and in the Composition such as social problems in Ireland, Politics, The Irish Education System & The Irish Language.

Each student will be given an Irish Paper 2 book covering

  • Reading comprehension
  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Extra Literature (An Triail)

Note: For students who aren’t doing An Triail there will be an extra class in term 2 which will cover Gafa & A thig ná tit orm.

View a sample of our Online Irish Grinds:


Irish Online Grinds teacher Seadhan de PoireMeet your Irish Teacher – Séadhan de Poire: Séadhan de Poire is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus and marking scheme. His teaching style is focused on covering the curriculum in a concise way so that students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions.

Séadhan is a popular teacher due to his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject.

Irish Online Grinds teacher Rob QuinlanMeet your Irish Teacher – Rob Quinlan: With a master’s degree in economics along with correcting the Leaving Cert at state level for the past 6 years, Rob instils passion, interest and competence in students to obtain results of which they are capable. A methodical approach in making the subject relevant to students by understanding the economic climate around them is merged with the tools to navigate through all possible questions as proficiently as possible in exams. Rob has also 5 years’ experience as an Irish oral examiner as well as teaching and tutoring in UCD and Irish summer courses.


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