German 6th Year On-Demand Grinds

  • All aspects of Oral Exam:
    • Allgemeine Fragen:

    >1. Details zur Person
    >2. Familie
    >3. Wohnort
    >4. Schule
    >5. Berufspläne
    >6. Sprachenlernen und Aufenthalt im deutschsprachigen Raum

    • Bildergeschichte/das Projekt (both options covered)
    • Rollenspiele
  • Leseverstehen
    • Literary vs. Journalistic texts (stylistic differences)
    • Types of questions
    • Vocab building
  • Hörverstehen
    • Exam techniques, marking scheme breakdown, vocab building
    • Teil 1: Interview
    • Teil 2: Phone call
    • Teil 3: Dialogue
    • Teil 4: News
  • Angewandte Grammatik
    • Verb identification & tenses
    • Adjectival agreements
    • Articles (cases, genders, singular/plural)
    • Conjunctions
    • Prepositions
    • Pronouns identification and relative pronouns
    • Fragewörter
  • Schriftliche Produktion
    • Äußerung zum Thema, Schriftliche Produktion und einen Brief schreiben
    • Marking scheme breakdown
    • H1 sample answers
    • How to structure the perfect answer
    • Word order and building sentences to improve Expression marks
    • Content and vocab per topic

Amy Weddell French Teacher at The Dublin Academy of EducationMeet your German Teacher – Amy Weddell: Amy Weddell has an International Degree in French and German and has spent time living in both countries. This, coupled with the Professional Masters in Education providing training on up to date teaching methodologies, ensures that she holds the skills to successfully aid students at any level to access language curricula, at both an academic and cultural level. An integration of language-learning skills based on the acquisition of language, such as phonics, provides all students with a strong foundation ensuring that they achieve the best possible grades in exams.

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1st August 2022 to 1st July 2023
On - Demand
On - Demand