Geography 6th Year Online Grinds

What will be covered in this Geography Online Grinds programme?

Leaving Cert Geography is not about essays and waffle-like many students think. Chief examiners require what are called SRPs (Significant Relevant Points). These are what dictate the marking scheme and are the key to unlocking this subject. By the end of these Leaving Cert Geography Online Grinds, you will have multiple essays with 15 SRPs in each. You will receive a pull-out sheet at the end of each essay in which you can write your 15 SRPs using the notes and a trigger-word section. Topics covered are:

  • Plate Tectonics
  • Earthquakes & Volcanoes
  • Folding & Faulting
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Weathering
  • Karst Landscapes
  • Landform Development
  • Human Interaction with Surface Processes
  • Map Reading
  • Aerial Photograph
  • Regional Case Studies
  • Elective – Human & Economic
  • Option Unit

To download a free sample of our Geography notes click here.

Q&A Session Dates

  • Wednesday 9th December
  • Wednesday 10th February
  • Wednesday 24th March

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Meet your teacher – Tracy Gannon: Tracy holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Geography, a Professional Diploma in Education & Master of Education. Her passion for her subjects has been shown in her ambition to further educate herself whilst also being a full-time post-primary teacher & part-time lecturer in University College Dublin.

Tracy’s style of teaching instils confidence in her students by providing them with a well-defined understanding of the syllabus. Her teaching experience and work as a state examiner have afforded her the opportunity to have a key insight into preparing her students to achieve top marks in their final exams.


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