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English Paper 1 Leaving Cert 2020 Resit Online Courses

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Breakdown of Online Video Sessions

Session 1 – Paper 1 Overview

Session 2 – Question A (12.5%)

Session 3 – Question B (12.5%)

Session 4 – Essay (25%)

Session 5 – Essay (25%)


The English course preparing students for Paper 1 covers three sections: Comprehension Question – Part A, Comprehension Question –Part B and Composition – The Essay.

Students have a tendency to over-focus on Paper 2 believing the myth that one can’t prepare for Paper 1. In fact, there is an increasing focus on technical knowledge which can and indeed must be prepared for. The significant time pressure element can only be overcome by being highly prepared.

The Part A questions demand that students understand and are able to analyse the 5 types of language. Clearly, students must understand what the types of language are and be equipped with the ability to comment on the effectiveness of the techniques being employed by a writer.

Part B requires that students write with a very specific purpose often within a prescribed genre. Students must be able to signal to the examiner that they understand this.

Finally, when we look at the composition we must understand that the Examiners are looking for students to demonstrate a strong technical knowledge. While a creative approach is rewarded examiners expect a strong technical knowledge. For example, when we look at writing a speech students are equipped with a comprehensive range of rhetorical devices; this is because examiners reward students who demonstrate their technical proficiency.

gavin cowzer english teacher at the dublin academy of educationAbout the Teacher: Gavin Cowzer is regarded as a leading English teacher in this country. Having developed a passion for this subject, including obtaining a Master’s degree, Gavin’s teaching style is focused on covering the syllabus in a concise way, so that students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions. His experience correcting exams gives his students an edge in a subject which is often assumed to be an art. However it is clear that there is a strict science behind doing well in the English exam and Gavin’s students will be guided by this little-known fact.


7th September - 4th December
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