English 4th Year Grinds Free Trial

What will be covered in this English Weekly Grind?

This Transition Year course prepares the student for the vast and challenging English Leaving Certificate syllabus. It will provide the student with a head-start on all aspects of the English course in a clear and interesting way. The student will be given the background and context necessary to make a really positive start to 5th Year. The goal of this course is to provide the confidence and knowledge necessary for students to succeed when they begin Leaving Cert English.

Course Introduction

  • Expectations: The differences between Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert English.
  • Papers: An interesting analysis of Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Marking Scheme: How is Leaving Cert English graded?
  • Leaving Cert Answers: Tips and advice for upgrading your answers to Leaving Cert standard.
  • Mechanics: Focus on good writing – grammar, spelling and sentence structure. An analysis of common errors at Leaving Cert.

Paper 1

  • The 5 Language Genres of Paper 1.
  • Writer’s Style: An introduction.
  • Comprehending I: Answering short comprehension questions. 
  • Comprehending II: Completing short writing tasks.
  • Composing: Creative Writing – Detailed analysis of the most important question in Leaving Cert English.

Paper 2

  • Shakespeare: Othello – An introduction and analysis of the play for 2023.
  • Comparative: A new question and concept explained.
  • Poetry: Unseen – Tips and ideas for answering the Unseen Poetry comprehensions.
  • Poetry: Studied – An introduction to the 2023 poetry course. Tips and analysis for answering poetry questions.

JP Sweetman English teacher at The Dublin Academy of EducationMeet your teacher – JP Sweetman: JP Sweetman has 15 years experience teaching English at the highest level. He also works as an Examiner for the State Exams Commission (SEC) specialising in Leaving Certificate English. His continued work with the SEC means he can provide the most relevant notes and guidance to students on current exam trends, exam management, tips and preparation. JP has written and published work with The Educational Company of Ireland. His passion for English is evident through classes that are enjoyable and rewarding.


Monday 3rd October
5:15pm - 6:15pm