Economics 6th Year Online Grinds

What will be covered in this Economics Online Grinds programme?

Over the course of the academic year, Rob will cover all aspects of the Leaving Cert Economics course in his online grinds. He focuses on the questions more commonly seen in the Leaving Cert along with the more challenging questions that can prove to be difficult for students. Each student is given a microeconomics book and a macroeconomics book. These books will break down the Leaving Cert Economics marking scheme and they will include up to date information on current economic trends. There is no extra charge for these books.

As time management can be a big challenge in Economics, Rob will demonstrate how to cover questions to an H1 standard by using keywords outlined in the marking scheme. This enables students to write exactly what examiners are looking for within the allocated time.

A booklet is also given to each student covering the short questions from the previous ten years. As a lot of these questions reappear these questions are covered in great detail in class.

To download the full list of topics covered in this Economics course click here.

To download a free sample of our Economics notes click here.

Q&A Session Dates

  • Wednesday 9th December
  • Wednesday 10th February
  • Wednesday 24th March

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Economics Online Grinds Teacher Rob Quinlan Meet your teacher – Rob Quinlan: With a master’s degree in economics along with correcting the Leaving Cert at state level for the past 6 years, Rob instils passion, interest and competence in students to obtain results of which they are capable. A methodical approach in making the subject relevant to students by understanding the economic climate around them is merged with the tools to navigate through all possible questions as proficiently as possible in exams. Rob has also 5 years’ experience as an Irish oral examiner as well as teaching and tutoring in UCD and Irish summer courses.



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