Maths 5th Year Online Grinds

What will be covered in our Maths Online Grinds?

These 5th year Maths Online grinds are emphasised by their exam-focused nature, with a huge focus on taking advantage of the marking scheme. The following topics will be covered:

Paper 1 Topics

  • Section 1. Number     
  • Section 2. Algebraic expressions
  • Section 3. Algebraic equations
  • Section 4. Sequences and Series
  • Section 5. Financial Maths

Paper 2 Topics

  • Section 1. Geometry
  • Section 2. Measurement
  • Section 3. Trigonometry
  • Section 4. Co-ordinate Geometry

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Q&A Session Dates:

  • Thursday 22nd October
  • Thursday 10th December
  • More dates to follow

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Meet your teacher – Robert Browne: Robert Browne has a unique ability to stimulate students’ interest and is renowned for giving students confidence they thought wasn’t there. He is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught at education workshops in Trinity College, Dublin. His experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He is popular amongst students due to his mastery of the Project Maths syllabus. He has appeared in the media leading discussions on Maths, syllabus content, teaching methods and exams. Robert teaches in a systematic and clear way that relates to students.

Meet your teacher – David Lewis: David’s ability to relate to students has resulted in him becoming a popular teacher at The Academy. His teaching methods are unique and are tailored to the Maths Syllabus. David is a member of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association and is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus. As an examination corrector in Maths, David is adept at understanding the mistakes for which students frequently lose marks.


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