Personal Development Club

Our full-time day school students have recently been attending our newly launched ‘Personal Development Club’. The club which is run by Chris Lauder, founder of The Academy, and David Lewis, maths and biology teacher at The Academy, aims to teach students life skills that are generally not taught in schools.

Chris Lauder talking to the students during the most recent Personal Development Club.

Topics covered to date have been:

  • Communication skills
  • Morning routines
  • How to face your fears and breakthrough
  • How to develop lifelong habits
  • How to set practical and achievable goals for success

The club has proved very popular with students with numbers attending the 8am club rising week on week.

Speaking on the success of the Personal Development Club, Chris Lauder said;

“It has been brilliant to see the uptake for the club so far. I am a big believer that school is not just about developing the results a student receives but is about developing the person, improving them and letting them realise their potential. This club has been a huge success and has exceeded our expectations for it’s first series of classes. It has shown to us that there is an appetite amongst the students to learn life skills and not just to fully focus on grades. Clubs like this are helping our students manage the stress of the Leaving Cert”

David Lewis, discussing the importance of developing a good morning routine

The Personal Development Club is one of a number of extra-curricular activities that The Dublin Academy of Education offers its full-time students. If you are interested in learning more about attending The Academy full-time, we have a number of Open Evenings coming up, for full details please click here.

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