Study Smart Series

Free Study Smart Series

Our Free Study Smart Series is hosted by David Lewis and Will Robbins. By signing up, students will be sent weekly strategic study articles, a study smart podcast and customisable templates. Students can apply these to their own study so it fits their Leaving Cert subjects and timetable.

What can students expect to learn in our Free Study Smart Series?
  • Create a Leaving Cert Study Timetable
  • Effectively revising Leaving Cert Content
  • Managing your study time more efficiently
  • Creating mindmaps
  • High-performance habits – what they are and how you can use them
  • Procrastination – how to eliminate it

For more details on this series see the video below:

In the most popular episode of The Academy Podcast, Will Robbins spoke to David Lewis about how we got 613 points in the Leaving Cert. Will detailed his techniques and habits that helped him to achieve his grades. You can watch the episode below.

What is covered in this Study Smart Series?
David Lewis Maths Biology Study Smart Teacher Dublin Academy of Education 'kinglewytg'
Study Smart Series Host David Lewis

In any year at all. One of the major flaws that I see with students setting out on their Leaving Cert journey is not actually having a plan. Students are taught Spanish, they’re taught Maths, taught English taught a variety of subjects, but they’re not taught how to study and how to optimize their study plans and their strategies for their success. So the Dublin Academy are absolutely delighted to announce our, completely free of charge, Study Smart Series brought to you by myself, David Lewis and Will Robbins, a past pupil at The Academy who was part of our most popular podcast last year where he went into detail about how in 2019 he received a whopping 613 points in his Leaving Cert.

How does our Study Series work? Well, it’s simple. By signing up each student will receive weekly, one of our specific strategic study smart articles. Along with this, podcasts of myself and Will Robbins detailing exactly what he has gone through in his article. And here’s the best part. Each student will also receive a template that will allow them to personalize their own study planner to their unique leaving cert timetable and subjects. So sign up today, completely free of charge, to the Dublin Academy Study Smart Series. Put your best foot forward for the coming Leaving Cert year.

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