Free Live Online Masterclass

This November, we are hosting a series of Live Online Masterclasses with our fantastic Academy teachers.

Our Live Online Masterclasses are completely free and each session is accompanied with a free set of H1 study notes. Make sure to sign up below to receive your notes and details of each class.

  • Biology Masterclass with David Lewis – Tuesday 9th November at 8:30pm
  • English Masterclass ‘Elizabeth Bishop’ with Gavin Cowzer – Tuesday 16th November at 8:30pm
  • Maths Masterclass ‘Factor Theorems’ with David Lewis – Tuesday 23rd November at 8:30pm
  • Chemistry Masterclass ‘Moles’ with Nichola Walsh – Tuesday 30th November at 8:30pm
  • Geography Masterclass ‘The Greater Dublin Area’ with Tracy Gannon – Tuesday 7th December at 8:30pm
  • Junior Cycle Maths Masterclass with Stephen Grimes – Thursday 9th December at 8:00pm
  • Irish Masterclass with Seadhan de Poire – Tuesday 14th December at 8:30pm