Navigating the CAO Process

The CAO can be a daunting and potentially stressful process for a lot of Leaving Certificate students. At the Academy we want to help with this and provide valuable information to help our students navigate this journey. The closing date of 1st February 2019 for regular applications is fast approaching, so in this post we want to share some key tips and tools to help you with this process!

Here is our Academy approved guide to help you in your CAO choice:

Take your Time

This sounds simple and overly obvious, but is so important! It is crucial that you enter accurate personal details, for example your date of birth and email address. So set aside time and a quiet place for this application process.

Make Genuine Selections

Ensure that you  place your course choices in genuine order of preference, and not based on predictions about what the points score will be or how you may will perform in your examinations.

Information is King

If you know of any family members/friends who are attending the institution that you are interested in applying to, or who have completed the courses that you are interested in studying, then you should arrange to meet with them to discuss the course and institution in greater detail. The more information you have on your potential area of study the better!

Ask Questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question! So please do reach out to any of the Academy team for guidance and support, and in particular our Career Guidance Expert. One to One sessions are also available.

Time to Reflect

 It is important to give your CAO careful consideration when submitting your choices by the February 1st deadline. But don’t forget there is a change of mind window if you do need to make changes!

This window opens from 7th May to 1st July 2019, but some restrictions do apply.

The link below will bring you to a really handy tool for calculating points based on potential Leaving Certificate examination results: Points Calculator

To download the full CAO handbook please click here: 2019 Guide

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