Kate’s Experience at The Academy

We recently sat down with Kate O’Connor who attended The Dublin Academy of Education and achieved 613 points in her Leaving Cert. Hear from Kate on how she found her experience at The Academy.

“My name is Kate, I went to the Academy and I got 613 points in my Leaving Cert.

My brother went to The Academy a year before me and he just like had nothing but good things to say about it. So I think ultimately I was just really excited. And as soon as you came in, we were made so comfortable and welcomed and I was never once nervous to, like, ask a teacher a question because they were just so ready to help. And they just wanted to see you succeed.

It’s just clear that they love what they do, and I think that really just shows when they’re teaching, they really know their subjects like inside and out. It was just fantastic to have teachers who were like experts, not only like in the subject, but in the exam and the exam structure.

And the notes were just so straightforward in every single subject I took they’re so clear and concise, and they really did just include what you needed to know to succeed and put out everything else.

If you really want to ensure that you have options and choice when it comes to the CAO and you want a good Leaving Cert,I would definitely

say make the move.

It absolutely like beat all of my expectations, like it was an amazing experience.”

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