Irish Oral Exam Study Tips

The Irish Oral is worth 40% of the total overall grade for the Leaving Cert so it is crucial that students give it the attention that it deserves. The Oral takes place in March and is one of the first components of the Leaving Cert that students will complete. How do you study for the Irish Oral? Seadhan de Poire, Irish teacher at The Dublin Academy of Education has put together his top tips for the Irish Oral exam.

How to Study for the Irish Oral Exam

Wait for the Questions

Students come in and are eager to tell the examiner everything they have learnt out. When you come in, take a breath and wait to be asked questions, this makes it more of a conversation.

Give two pieces of information on your address

As part of the Irish Oral marking scheme, you must give two pieces of information on your address. Eg. town and county. For more details on the marking scheme, see here.

Listen to your poems everyday

More marks go for reading out a poem than writing it in the exam. Listen to the poems on YouTube, focus on pronunciation and get top marks here.

Tuiseal Ginideach Phrases

Prepare phrases using the Tuiseal Ginideach that can be used in the sraith element of the Irish oral.

Prepare 3 Sraith Questions

Students must ask 3 questions regarding the Sraith. Do not neglect these easy marks.

Link answers into other topics you have prepared to guide the conversation where you want it to go.

For more top tips on how to study for the Irish Oral, please see the below video with Seadhan

Studied material for the Oral can be re-used in the Irish written exam so it is important that students give the oral exam the attention that it deserves.

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