Principal’s Address


I feel hugely privileged to welcome you to The Dublin Academy of Education. I am honoured to lead this unique school. I see myself primarily as an advocate for our students as we strive to deliver the best possible experience of education.

Building positive relationships both between students and teachers and amongst the student body is critical to achieving a positive work environment. Although it may seem to be an organic process, we invest a lot of time and energy into shaping the positive culture of the school.

I am hugely aware of the responsibility of the leadership of the school to provide appropriate individual pastoral care for our students. Whether this is a smile and a greeting, a five-minute chat or an appointment and a longer talk, all our students are recognised as individuals. Discussing academic performance clearly forms part of what we do but really we are interested in continuous assessment with – and indeed enjoyment of – our approach to the syllabus. As well as potentially availing of the support of a tutor or year head, our students are all aware that they can, and they should talk to me if they run into any difficulty.

Great teaching is central to what we do for our students. In order to achieve the transformative effect that is our goal, a co-ordinated approach is required. Our teachers provide a year plan which sets out what will be achieved in each class period. We have created a system that allows us to schedule assessment in such a way that our students are working towards clearly defined targets from the very first day of term.

As the leader of the teaching faculty, part of my role is to identify ways in which we can support teachers in their work. Working in this environment allows me to be creative in identifying ways to provide this support; support is provided in a variety of ways whether it is administering class exams, providing mock examiners or supporting the correcting of exams.

Communicating important information as well as providing insight into what is going on in the school is one of the more satisfying elements of my role. As a full-time Principal, I am always on hand to provide parents with any guidance or answers to queries that they may have. As a parent myself, I understand the importance of being able to contact a school for any matter whatsoever no matter how seemingly trivial it may seem.


Principal at The Dublin Academy of Education


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