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6th Year

Stillorgan Plaza
Our French Oral Prep Course is designed to have you walking into your Oral exam with confidence. In just 4 hours, we will cover all the key aspects of the Oral Exam to help you maximise your marks.
Katie Lenehan
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Topic covered in this French Oral Prep Course:

Students are taught a number of critical examination strategies. Chief among them is: ‘how to lead the examiner’. This will greatly improve students’ exam technique, enabling them to perform at their peak.


Students will go home with a comprehensive set of exam-focused notes, which will give them the help and the confidence they need to achieve their best possible results in the upcoming Oral exams.

Meet your French Oral Teacher

Katie Lenehan

Amy Weddell has an International Degree in French and German and has spent time living in both countries. This, coupled with the Professional Masters in Education providing training on up to date teaching methodologies, ensures that she holds the skills to successfully aid students at any level to access language curricula, at both an academic and cultural level. An integration of language-learning skills based on the acquisition of language, such as phonics, provides all students with a strong foundation ensuring that they achieve the best possible grades in exams.

Students can sign up in any of the following ways:

On-Site Courses: Students attend our Oral Prep courses in person at our school in Stillorgan. These four-hour language courses include comprehensive study notes. 

Live-Stream Courses: Students can attend our Oral Prep courses online via live-stream. Our HD live-streaming technology allows students to attend our courses from the comfort of their own home. All study notes are posted to students free of charge.

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