Day School Application Form

Day School Application Form

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  • The Dublin Academy of Education is happy to facilitate and provide information on specialists for all SEN Testing, however the school itself does not have the capabilities to offer this service.
  • The Dublin Academy of Education reserves the right to seek confirmation of any information disclosed and will, if required, seek references in support of this application.
  • Medical History (Strictly Confidential)

  • We ask this question to ensure that we are able to provide a supportive environment that enables every student to fully access the curriculum. If you are in doubt, please consult the principal.
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  • I understand that the link I receive from The Dublin Academy of Education to access live-streamed classes is for my benefit as a full-time student of The Academy, and I pledge not to share this link, or re-broadcast, any part of a class.

    I also understand that if I do share this link, or re-broadcast any material, my access privileges to this service may be revoked. I further understand and acknowledge that my image may appear in live-streamed classes from time to time.

    I/We the undersigned, confirm that all the information provided by me to The Dublin Academy of Education is true and accurate. All information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

    We understand that failure to provide accurate information may impact on future placement in The Academy. I/We the parent(s)/guardian(s) undertake to pay all fees to The Dublin Academy of Education:
  • The Dublin Academy of Education reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who, in the opinion of The Dublin Academy of Education, would not benefit from the educational provisions of the school and also reserves the right to decide upon special cases which may arise from time to time.
    All disclosed information shall be processed in accordance with our data protection policies, procedures and GDPR.
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