6th Year Extra Subjects


The Dublin Academy of Education provides the opportunity for Leaving Cert students to do classes as an extra subject outside of school. These subjects can be taught in 1 academic year so are suitable for 6th Year students looking to sit an additional subject in the Leaving Cert.

The foundation of our extra subjects is ‘exam focus’. Our teachers strip away the unnecessary sections of each subject and focus solely on the core, examinable material, the aim of which is increasing students’ exam performance.

All students who attend these courses receive comprehensive, exam-focused notes, as well as past State Examination questions and solutions. Our teachers identify probable exam questions and also show students how to master the marking scheme, which instils confidence.

Our extra subjects also include a special one-on-one service to all students, for a period of time before or after every class. This is a specialised, individual service, which we encourage all our students to take advantage of.

If you have any queries, feel free to call us in the office on 01-442 4442.

Start Date:
Classes commence week beginning Monday 7th September. Please note, classes and supervised study will NOT be held on the following dates:

Mid-Term Breaks:
Monday 26th October- classes resume Monday 2nd November 2020
Monday 15th February – classes resume Monday 22nd February 2021

Christmas Holidays:
Monday 14th December 2020 – classes resume on Monday 11th January 2021

Easter Holidays:
Monday 6th April- Monday 20th April 2021

Final Classes / Supervised Study:
Saturday 22nd May
Note: An administration charge of €20 will apply if a student decides to change their choice of subject during the year.

4:45pm - 7:45pm
Accounting keyboard_arrow_down

Over the course of the Accounting grinds, students will cover all topics of the Leaving Cert course. Initially, the focus will be on Final Accounts, a question that comes up every year and is worth 30%. The concepts and strategies of Final accounts will assist the students understanding of the following topics; Incomplete records, Tabular Statements, Published accounts, Club accounts and Service firm accounts. Interpretation of Accounts is a question that has come up every single year and is worth 25%. This topic will be covered in great detail early on in the year. The teacher with close to 20 years experience will focus on strategies for students to obtain the maximum amount of marks. There will be a big focus on time management and highlighting common mistakes made by students. In each Topic covered, students will get exam-focused notes outlining methods to aid understanding and help improve time management.  These notes will also include numerous past exam questions and solutions. Revision on topics likely to appear on the exam according to past trends will cover the majority of the second half of the year. This will ensure that students feel well prepared for their Leaving Cert Accounting exam.

About the teacher – Don Tierney: Don Tierney has 20 years of experience in teaching Accounting. Prior to that, he spent two years working as an Accountant. He has a wide range of teaching experience in the subject. Confidence is instilled in his students as the students receive constant guidance and encouragement on how to earn top marks in their exams. He shares with the student’s exam techniques and equally as important, the most frequent and highly avoidable mistakes and over the years a high percentage of his students go on to study Accounting at Third level.

Ag Science keyboard_arrow_down

The Dublin Academy of Education will provide students with everything they need to maximise their marks in the practical and written aspects of this course.

Practical Portfolios will be worked on within class time and as part of the course, students will undertake laboratory experiments.

Students will sit a mock exam paper in February.

Course Content

The following topics are covered:

  • Animal Diseases
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Production (Cattle, Sheep, Pigs)
  • Classification of Organisms
  • Crop Production
  • Fertilisers, Pollution & the Environment
  • Genetics
  • Grassland
  • Plant Physiology
  • Soil Science

About the teacher: Patrick has a passion for his subjects which is reflected in his confident teaching style. He has previously worked as a Biology and Science Teacher in London for several years. Having moved home to Ireland, Patrick has amassed significant experience of teaching Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science and Biology. Patrick’s students consistently make excellent progress in order to achieve their goals. His exam focussed style allows students to maximise their potential.

Payment Option 1: In Full
1 Subject
Payment Option 2: Pay in 3 Instalments
Price at booking
February 1st, 2021
1 Subject
February 1st, 2021