5th Year Online Grinds

5th Year Online Grinds

Our Online Grinds programmes offer students the opportunity to be taught by our incredible teachers every single week from the comfort of their own homes. We have designed these online programmes based on extensive student feedback regarding how to best deliver online tuition.

These programmes run for 29x academic weeks and contain a blend of pre-recorded and live lessons. Each week, students will receive a new 75-minute pre-recorded video lesson. These pre-recorded video lessons are very beneficial for students as they can pause, rewind and rewatch any of the content they’re not sure of. Another benefit to the pre-recorded lessons are that students can watch (and rewatch) them at their convenience rather than being constrained to a timetable. Students will also have access to a full archive of all delivered video lessons which they can rewatch right up until the State Examinations. The pre-recorded video lessons are then supported by additional live online Q & A tutorial sessions with our teachers which facilitate all student queries ensuring they are following the material.

Students will also have the benefit of attending a live 5-hour workshop with our teachers here at our school in Dublin in May 2021. These workshops will be highly interactive and act as a revision of the key examinable topics that are likely to appear in the State Examinations.

All online lessons are supported by our study notes which are posted directly to students’ homes free of charge. Our study notes form an integral part of our Online Grinds programmes as our teachers refer to them constantly in all videos and live tutorials.

Summary of what students attending our Online Grinds programmes will receive:

  • A total of 29x video lessons which are delivered weekly to students via our moodle platform (each weekly video is 75-minutes in duration)
  • In addition to the 29x videos, students will have access to regular live online Q & A tutorial sessions with our teachers
  • Access to a 5-hour live workshop with our teachers in May 2021
  • Hundreds of pages of our study notes which will be delivered in hard copy format to students’ homes free of charge

If you have any queries, please consult our FAQ tab, or feel free to call us in the office on 01-442 4442.

Start Date:
Online Grinds programmes commence week beginning Monday 7th September, with videos being sent weekly for 29 weeks.

Please note, Online video lessons will NOT be provided on the following dates:

Mid-Term Breaks:
Monday 26th October- classes resume Monday 2nd November 2020
Monday 15th February – classes resume Monday 22nd February 2021

Christmas Holidays:
Monday 14th December 2020 – classes resume on Monday 11th January 2021

Easter Holidays:
Monday 29th March- Monday 12th April 2021

Final Classes:
Saturday 22nd May

For more information on our 5th Year Weekly Grinds held in Stillorgan and Killester, please click here

September 7th Onwards
Online - Watch anytime
September 7th Onwards
Online - Watch anytime
September 7th Onwards
Online - Watch anytime
English keyboard_arrow_down

What will be covered in this English Online Grind?

These English Online Grinds focus on building the techniques that the examiner expects you to be able to both use and analyse. You will be confident that you have our formula with which to navigate the probable exam questions.

These online grinds focus on firstly building an awareness of what the examiner wants and then providing the confidence to be able to supply it. As our teachers have said over the years: It is a myth that English can’t be trained for. The following topics will be covered in detail:

  • Essay Writing
  • Questions A & B
  • The Single Text
  • Selection of poems from all 8 poets
  • The Unseen Poem
  • A wide selection of Comparative Texts

To download a sample of our English notes click here.

Meet your teacher – JP Sweetman: JP Sweetman has 15 years experience teaching English at the highest level. He also works as an Examiner for the State Exams Commission (SEC) specialising in Leaving Certificate English. His continued work with the SEC means he can provide the most relevant notes and guidance to students on current exam trends, exam management, tips and preparation. JP has written and published work with The Educational Company of Ireland. His passion for English is evident through classes that are enjoyable and rewarding.

Irish keyboard_arrow_down

What will be covered in this Irish Online Grind?

Students will get notes on the composition covering the most common questions. The course will cover simple shortcuts to help students raise their grade along with guidance on how to avoid the common mistakes made. Students will also be given guidance on what areas to prioritise in 5th year along with a breakdown of the marks allocated for each section. The following topics will be covered:

  • Oral Exam Preparation
  • Aiste
  • Diospoireacht
  • Sceal
  • Oraid
  • Grammar
  • Comprehensions
  • Filíocht
  • Prós
  • An Triail
  • Filíocht Breise
  • Cluastuiscint

To download a free sample of our Irish notes click here.

Meet your teacher – Séadhan de Poire: Séadhan de Poire is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus and marking scheme. His teaching style is focused on covering the curriculum in a concise way, so that students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions.

Séadhan is a popular teacher due to his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject.

Maths keyboard_arrow_down

What will be covered in this Maths Online Grind?

These 5th year Maths Online grinds are emphasised by their exam-focused nature, with a huge focus on taking advantage of the marking scheme. The following topics will be covered:

Paper 1 Topics

  • Section 1. Number     
  • Section 2. Algebraic expressions
  • Section 3. Algebraic equations
  • Section 4. Sequences and Series
  • Section 5. Financial Maths

Paper 2 Topics

  • Section 1. Geometry
  • Section 2. Measurement
  • Section 3. Trigonometry
  • Section 4. Co-ordinate Geometry

To download a free sample of our Maths notes click here.

Meet your teacher – Robert Browne: Robert Browne has a unique ability to stimulate students’ interest and is renowned for giving students confidence they thought wasn’t there. He is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught at education workshops in Trinity College, Dublin. His experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He is popular amongst students due to his mastery of the Project Maths syllabus. He has appeared in the media leading discussions on Maths, syllabus content, teaching methods and exams. Robert teaches in a systematic and clear way that relates to students.

Meet your teacher – David Lewis: David’s ability to relate to students has resulted in him becoming a popular teacher at The Academy. His teaching methods are unique and are tailored to the Maths Syllabus. David is a member of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association and is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus. As an examination corrector in Maths, David is adept at understanding the mistakes for which students frequently lose marks.


What happens if schools are forced to close again, will this effect my Online Grinds programme?

Regardless of any school closures, all Online Grinds programmes will proceed as scheduled. This is made possible as we have spent the entire Summer pre-recording all the video lessons to ensure these can be delivered whether schools are open or closed.

If I sign up to the Online Grinds programme will I be able to rewatch the videos lessons at a later date? 

Yes, access to all your weekly 75-minute videos lessons will be available right up until the State Examinations. 

Will all 29x videos lessons be available to watch from the start of the year? 

No, the videos lessons are provided weekly over the course of 29x academic weeks. 

Can I ask the teacher questions?

Yes, of course. Our Online Grinds programmes are a blend of pre-recorded and live content. Students can ask our teachers as many questions as they want during our regular live Q & A tutorial sessions and also at the live 5-hour workshop. 

How and when do I get my notes?

Please allow at least 3 working days to receive your notes. There may be a scenario where you are granted access to our Online Grinds programme prior to the study notes arriving but we advise students to wait until they have the notes before commencing watching the video lessons. 

Can you do these courses if you don’t live in Dublin? 

Yes, you can watch the video lessons from the comfort and safety of your own home as they are online. You will also have hard copies of the notes so you don’t have to worry about printing them. 

Can notes be delivered to anywhere in the country? 

Notes can be delivered to anywhere in Ireland.

How will I view the Online Grinds programme? 

Our Online Grinds programme will be hosted on our Moodle Platform. Prior to your online course commencement date, we will email you with your login details and passwords for this platform. 

Do I need the study notes to get value from the videos lessons? 

Yes, absolutely. Students who attempt to watch the videos lessons without the study notes will not get value from these video lessons as our teachers constantly refer to the notes constantly throughout. As such, we advise all students to follow the video lessons with the notes in front of them. 

What happens if I share my logins to Moodle with another student who is not enrolled in the Online Grinds programme?

Our Online Grinds programmes are strictly only available to students who are enrolled with us. The Online Grinds programme is designed as a full support package containing pre-recorded videos, live tutorials, hard copies of our study notes and our live 5-hour workshop. Only students who are enrolled with us will experience the full benefits this programme has to offer. We have software in place to identify suspicious login activity and will revoke account access if we suspect a student is sharing logins with non-enrolled students. 

Can I be logged on to the Online Grinds programme on more than one device at a time? 

No, you will only be able to log on to our Moodle platform on one device at a time. If you try to log in on a second device, you will be automatically logged out on the first device. 

Is there a cut-off point to signing up for the Online Grinds programme? 

No, although our Online Grinds programme commences on Monday 7th September, students can still sign up after this date. Our Online Grinds programmes are designed to be attended over 29x weeks so we advise students to sign up sooner rather than later as they’ll be able to manage the workload better. 

Can you only view the videos once? 

No, you can pause, rewind and rewatch all of the videos. 

Will there be timetable clashes?

With our Online Grinds programme, there will be no timetable clashes at all, allowing unrestricted course choice and giving students the freedom to work through each course at their own pace and at a time that suits them. 

What topics are covered in each Online Grinds programme?

You can see what topics are covered in each Online Grinds programme in the ‘Subjects’ tab.

Payment Option 1: In Full
1 Subject
2 Subjects
3 Subjects