Class of 2020 Graduation

We unfortunately could not celebrate a traditional Graduation with our class of 2020 this year, but were able to put together a video to help mark this special occasion for our students and their parents.

In the Graduation video you will hear from: our team of teachers, our management team, as well as a number of students representing the class of 2020. There are also various pieces of music from some of our very talented music students. Graduation is about celebrating each of our 6th year students as well as celebrating the community that is our school!

We are delighted to share this sample Graduation video with you, as it helps to show the spirit of school life here at the Academy. 

Please click below to watch the Class of 2020 Graduation video:


We would like to say a special thank you to all the students who contributed so generously their time and talents to this production. I think you will agree that they have really helped to make a Graduation video worthy of the class of 2020!

Musicians: Aoife Kelly (Vocals), Luca McArdle (Piano & Vocals), Sandra Cannon (Vocals), Sarah Kelly (Violin), Tracy Wright (Piano), Zena Donnelly (Vocals)

Student Messages: Ava Clarke, Eve Lehane, Ronan O’Reilly, Ug Roland.

We hope you enjoy this graduation video!

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