Physical Education 2023/24


Students can now study Physical Education at The Dublin Academy Of Education as an extra subject for the 2023/24 Leaving Certificate. Our P.E. teacher, Rónán Joyce, has over 16 years of experience teaching in second level education and is well placed to guide students through the relatively new course curriculum. 


The Leaving Certificate P.E. course comprises the following elements:


A Physical Activity Project (20%of the final grade):

- Teachers and students will agree on a range of activities which will be supported for the project.

- The Project can be completed as a  'performer' or a coach/choreographer.

- The Project is completed in a digital format and is 8-10 weeks in length. 


A Performance Assessment (30% of the final grade):

- Students must demonstrate knowledge and application of relevant rules, regulations and codes of practice in their chosen activity. 

- Students are expected to show evidence of their capapcity to select, apply and perform the techniques outlined in a selected physical activity.

- Students must demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of thier chosen activity, including the ability to apply and adapt different tactics.


A Written Examination (50% of the final grade):

- The written examination tests the student's knowledge and understanding of the theoretical factors which affect participation and performance in physical activity.

- Students' knowledge in relation to the physical activity project will also be examined.

- A case study will be presented which will require studenst to apply their knowldge in a particular physical activity scenario.



To book your spot on this course please visit our website or give us a call on +353 1 442 4442.