New Crazam Features

New Crazam Features 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Crazam survey.


We're constantly listening to our users and will continue to add new features to Crazam
based on community feedback.  


Thanks to our most recent survey, we've added the following changes: 

 - Increased the amount of solutions currently available to Crazam users.

 - We will continue to add more solutions throughout the year. 

 - Users can now view full past papers and marking schemes within each subject.

 - Extended the time all users can interact with the Crazam website on desktop.  

 - Commenced the testing of an exciting new feature which will debut shortly.

Keep your eyes peeled for new features coming to Crazam throughout 2023.

To ensure you have all the new features, make to sure to download that latest version of the app in the app store.