Katie Lenehan Speaks With RTÉ 2FM About The 2023 Spanish Leaving Cert

Our Spanish teacher Katie Lenehan was a guest on the popular RTÉ 2FM Drivetime show last week. She discussed what she believes to be the optimal way for students to approach the Spanish oral and written exam at this stage of the year. She also discussed some of the changes that have been made to the 2023 exam vs last year.


One key bit of information she spoke about was the fact that students often don't pay enoughana attention to the marking scheme. Analysing the marking scheme and knowing what the examiner is looking for is vital to achieving the best grade possible in the June. Sometimes the marking scheme can be written in a very complex manner and use unnessesary words or phrases. Katie recommends that if a student is unclear about somthing regarding the marking scheme, they should ask their teacher for clarification as soon as they can rather then assuming they might know what it means themselves.


Another major tip she gave out to students was to know your verbs in an English to Spanish context. Many students focus all thier energy on learning the verb endings which is very important. However, many of the questions students will be asked in the written exam are in English and every year students lose marks by not using the correct verbs for the question. Set aside some study time and revise what each verb means in English so you dont miss out on vital points.


You can listen to Katie's full advice by clicking the link below. Katie appears around the 30 minute mark.