Admissions Policy

The Dublin Academy of Education is committed to providing a quality education for its students.
Its mission is to enable every student to achieve at his or her highest level in the Leaving Certificate Examination.

● We believe that within each of our students there is always a greater potential for increased performance
● We promise to provide the most talented teachers available in Ireland
● We guarantee to support every student in a caring, educationally structured and personalised manner to enable them reach the goals to which they aspire.

Consequently, in making decisions about the admissions of applicants, The Dublin Academy of Education will have regard to class size, staffing provisions, and/or any other requirements concerning accommodation, the health and welfare or students and any other consideration.

Students applying should have a minimum of 4 Grade C’s at Higher Level Junior Certificate or Merit/ Higher Merit/ Distinction at Common Level Junior Cycle (or have an expectation of same).
The Dublin Academy of Education reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who, in the opinion of The Dublin Academy of Education, would not benefit from the educational provisions of the school and also reserves the right to decide upon special cases which may arise from time to time.

This Admissions Policy should be read in conjunction with Dublin Academy of Education Philosophy and other relevant
policies of the school.