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6th Year

Over 40+ hours of Leaving Cert Economics videos split by topic to help you maximise your grade. You will also receive our H1 study notes covering the syllabus delivered to your home free of charge.
Robert Quinlan
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Topics covered in these Economics On-Demand Grinds

Economics Online Grinds Session 1Economics Online Grinds Session 1
Session 1: National Income (4.1)
Economics Online Grinds Session 2Economics Online Grinds Session 2
Session 2: National Income (4.1)
Economics Online Grinds Session 3Economics Online Grinds Session 3
Session 3: National Income (4.1), Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2)
Economics Online Grinds Session 4Economics Online Grinds Session 4
Session 4: Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2)
Economics Online Grinds Session 5Economics Online Grinds Session 5
Session 5: Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2), Employment and Unemployment (4.3)

Meet your Economics Online Teacher

Rob Quinlan

With a master’s degree in economics along with correcting the Leaving Cert at state level for the past 6 years, Rob instils passion, interest and competence in students to obtain results of which they are capable. A methodical approach in making the subject relevant to students by understanding the economic climate around them is merged with the tools to navigate through all possible questions as proficiently as possible in exams. Rob has also 5 years’ experience as an Irish oral examiner as well as teaching and tutoring in UCD and Irish summer courses.

Hear from our Students

“It's been great to be a grinds student in Rob's class in The Dublin Academy for the past year. The online system is set up very well and easy to access. I've also made great use of the D.A. podcast from the different ones covering different subjects and the self-development series. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience being a part of it. Thank you!”

- Attended Rob's Weekly Grinds

On-Demand Grinds

Pause, rewind and rewatch these On-Demand Grinds as many times as they wish
Hard copies of our H1 study notes delivered to your home free of charge
Immediate access to 40+ hours of video content that you can study in whatever order suits you best

Topics covered in these On-Demand Economics Grinds

Session 1: National Income (4.1)

Session 2: National Income (4.1)

Session 3: National Income (4.1), Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2)

Session 4: Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2)

Session 5: Fiscal Policy and Budget Framework (4.2), Employment and Unemployment (4.3)

Session 6: Employment and Unemployment (4.3), Monetary Policy and Price Level (4.4)

Session 7: Monetary Policy and Price Level (4.4)

Session 8: Financial Sector (4.5)

Session 9: Financial Sector (4.5)

Session 10: Economic Growth and Development (5.1)

Session 11: Globalisation (5.2)

Session 12: International Trade and Competitiveness (5.3)

Session 13: International Trade and Competitiveness (5.3)

Session 14: International Trade and Competitiveness (5.3)

Session 15: Economics as a Way of Thinking (1.1)

Session 16: Economics as a Way of Thinking (1.1), Concepts of Scarcity and Choice

Session 17: Sustainability (1.3), The Market Economy (2.1)

Session 18: The Market Economy (2.1)

Session 19: The Consumer (Elasticity)

Session 20: The Consumer (Elasticity)

Session 21: The Firm

Session 22: The Firm / Government Intervention

Session 23: Labour Market 1

Session 24: Labour Market 2

Session 25: Labour Market / Market Failure

Session 26: Market Failure / Market Structures

Session 27: Market Structures

Session 28: Market Structures

Session 29: Past Paer Questions

Over the course of the academic year, Rob will cover all aspects of the Leaving Cert Economics course in his online grinds. He focuses on the questions more commonly seen in the Leaving Cert along with the more challenging questions that can prove to be difficult for students. Each student is given a microeconomics book and a macroeconomics book. These books will break down the Leaving Cert Economics marking scheme and they will include up to date information on current economic trends. There is no extra charge for these books.

As time management can be a big challenge in Economics, Rob will demonstrate how to cover questions to an H1 standard by using keywords outlined in the marking scheme. This enables students to write exactly what examiners are looking for within the allocated time.

A booklet is also given to each student covering the short questions from the previous ten years. As a lot of these questions reappear these questions are covered in great detail in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up to the On-Demand Grinds programme, will I be able to rewatch the video lessons at a later date?

Yes access to all your video lessons will be available right up until the State Examinations in 2023 are over.

Will the 40+ hours of video lessons be available to watch from the start of the year?

Yes, students will have access to their subject's video library which they can watch at their own pace.

Is there a cut-off point to signing up for the On-Demand Grinds programme?

No, although our On-Demand Grinds programme commences June 27th 2022, students can still sign up after this date.

How and when do I get my notes?

Please allow at least 3-4 working days to receive your notes. There may be a scenario where you are granted access to our On-Demand Grinds programme prior to the study notes arriving but we advise students to wait until they have the notes before commencing watching the video lessons.

Can you do these courses if you don't live in Dublin?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons from the comfort of your own home as they are online. You will also have hard copies of the notes so you don't have to worry about printing them.

Can notes be delivered anywhere in the country?

Yes, notes can be delivered to anywhere in Ireland.

How will I access the On-Demand Grinds programme?

Our On-Demand Grinds programme will be hosted on our DASH platform. We will email you with your login details and password for this platform.

Can I view the videos more than once?

Yes, you can pause, rewind and rewatch all of the videos.


Subject Price Total Savings
1st Subject €495.00 €495.00 €0.00
2nd Subject €395.00 €890.00 €100.00
3rd Subject €395.00 €1,285.00 €200.00
4th Subject €295.00 €1,580.00 €400.00
5th Subject €295.00 €1,875.00 €600.00
6th Subject €295.00 €2,170.00 €800.00