5th Year at the Academy

We recently caught up with some of our 5th year students, Aryana, David & Orla, to have a socially-distant chat about how they have found their first year in our Full-Time School here at the Academy!

It has been a challenging year for students all around the country. So we wanted to sit down for a ‘socially-distant chat’ with some of our 5th Years and hear from them how they found 5th year at our Full-Time School.

Thanks so much to Aryana, David and Orla for taking the time to share their insights with us! 

In this first video, our students chat about our teachers and how they found their teaching-style and level of support during 5th Year. In particular you will hear how they found the unique resources we have at the Academy, including our in-house notes which are used instead of traditional textbooks. 

Click below to hear what they have to say! 

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