5th & 6th Year Orientation

We were delighted to welcome all our 5th and 6th Year students back to school this week. On Monday 30th August we had our 5th Year Orientation Day and on Tuesday 31st August we held our 6th Year Orientation Day.

Students heard from our Principal Ciarán Hartigan and Deputy Principal Séadhan de Poire. Our Year Heads also spoke to students, and there was a nutrition talk from Kate McDaid, who is a Health & Performance Nutritionist. David Lewis, Maths and Biology teacher, gave a talk about study skills and positive habits which students can adopt. Both days finished up with a very tasty pizza delivery and there was plenty of time for our students to chat and start to get to know one another!

Séadhan de Poire, Deputy Principal, The Dublin Acdemy of Education

We would like to wish all our students the very best for the academic year ahead!

Ciarán Hartigan, Principal, The Dublin Academy of Education
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